Bad UX Week #4

Here comes the week #4 collection of bad user experiences.

1. GoNiyo Login

I wanted to login to GoNiyo and when I clicked on Login/Activate, it showed a dropdown that had 3 options: Activate your Card, Employee, Company.

For a moment, I couldn’t figure out what to do next. My expectation is that as soon as I click on Login, I will see a phone number or email input field. Instead, I was shown 3 options which are difficult to comprehend. The text should have at least been ‘Login as Employee’ or ‘Login as Company’. Or they could have directly showed me the phone number field and detect automatically whether it is an employee login or company login. Or may be ask that question in the phone number input step so that there is a match between the system and user expectation.

2. Amazon Payment Receipt

Check the highlighted in red areas above. I paid for a phone through Netbanking and the confirmation E-mail from Amazon said 2 different things. In the E-Mail body, it said ‘Pay Rs. 12,708 by card or cash on delivery’ while I already paid and in the end, it said, ‘12,708 paid by an unknown card.’ Reading the first highlighted area got me scared as I had already paid and was worried about where the money went but later realised that its a bug.

3. Archive Icon in Gmail

The first icon on the actionbar, a simple, harmless looking icon actually archives your E-Mail! It is also not clear to me what the icon represents. The down arrow kind of makes me think that I can download the E-Mail / Save it on my Phone etc. I can’t comprehend that it means ‘archive’. Especially, when there is also a delete icon right next to it.

Although G-Mail provides an undo action, I believe the icons should be more clearer as to what they are meant for. Imagine if I accidentally tap on an important E-Mail and didn’t check what happened next!

4. Projector

This is a colleague of mine struggling to configure the projector in our office. Confusing iconography, poor labels, inconsistent grouping are some of the reasons.

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