Bad UX Week #5

List of bad user experiences from week 5.

1. ACT Customer Care IVR

I got a problem with my ACT Fibernet connection and when I called their customer care, it was a terrible experience. Ignoring the repeated requests and delayed resolution (resolved after ~ 36 hrs of raising the complaint which in my opinion is terrible for an ISP). Anyway, the problem I am talking about is ACT trying too hard to push its app downloads. The moment you call their customer, there is a 2 minute ad about ACT Fibernet app and its benefits. You can’t escape that ad. Worse, I already use that app. I still have to listen to this ad every time I call and actually spend my talktime money for those 2 minutes. What a clever way of advertising and actually gaining money! And guess what plays while you are waiting for someone in the call center to answer your call, yeah, the same ad.

2. Flight Seat Back Pocket

While there is an inherent problem of less leg space in all flights in the economy class, I also have to deal with another problem every time I fly. My legs are tall and since the leg room is less, my legs always end up touching the seat in front. The top of the back pocket is placed in a position where it kisses my knees and hence the whole journey feels like I am being bitten by something.

3. Airtel 4G Hotspot

I use an Airtel 4G Hotspot device. While it was switched on and kept near the front seat in our car, I asked my dad to switch it off. He took the device and struggled to find the ‘switch off’ button. There is actually only one button which has 2 different functions depending on which side you press. And to switch off, you need to press and hold for > 3 seconds. And the icons next to the button don’t help either. Bad design!

The meaning of the button on Airtel 4G Hotspot is not clear. Long press to switch on / off is not intuitive.

4. My Airtel App UI

My Airtel App UI has some cards stacked at the bottom giving me a feeling that they would come up if I scroll. But No, nothing happens. They just stay there. Confusing UI.

5. Indigo Web Checkin

Cluttered and unusable design by one of the most popular airlines in India.

I usually pick seat while I check-in right? Why two buttons? what’s the difference? why does one say ‘click here’ and others don’t? Why are the buttons so close to each other? Why are all in the same importance?

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