Bad UX Week #6

Week 6 Collection of bad user experiences here.

1. Phillips Trimer

The settings from 1–10 are not intuitive to understand.

I have been using this trimmer for the last 3 years. Yet, I still do not know what exactly these settings of 1–10 numbers mean. Does 10 mean a higher power setting meaning it cuts more hair and thus its a clean shave? or Does 10 mean the length of the hair that remains after trimming is 10 mm? or Does 10 mean that the trimmer will cut the hair upto 10 mm length? The design gives me no clues at all. So, just to be safe, I always leave it at 5.

2. Woo App Empty State icon

The empty state in Woo App shows the above icon which is actually not clickable. The icon makes me feel like I can drag that card around the screen but no, it’s static. Confusing.

3. Spicejet

Confusing text on the two buttons. I have just started web checkin. Why am I seeing change seat & check-in? Are my seats already booked? But I don’t see any seat numbers. Why show this button then?

Also, the misalignment of buttons is driving the designer in me nuts.

And on this step where I was supposed to accept terms and conditions, even when I click on the accept button that you see in the background, I was still getting this popup message. You know why? I have to scroll the page to the left and then there is a checkbox that says I accept T & Cs for web check-in. I have to tick that checkbox and then click on Accept to continue. Very bad UX.

4. Free Wifi Login

What is that weird DOB field? Where should I enter my DOB? on the text field or using the dropdowns? Why have both?

5. Ferry Onboarding Experience in Andaman

The boarding experience of a Ferry in an Andaman jetty is pretty disorganised and highly inefficient. Firstly, there are no boards or signs indicating the procedure. Once you have a ticket, few ferry operators require an additional Rs.100 per ticket as entry fee and there is a long queue for that. Why this fee again? Why is it not included in the ticket? What is the ticket for then?

Why does no body follow a queue? If people are asked to stand in one line, that one line easily becomes 4 or 5 lines in a matter of seconds. Having gates near the boarding place could have prevented this issue.

The way luggage is handled is bad. You have to keep your luggage in one place while boarding the ship and then the ship crew gets that luggage and stores them inside the ship after everyone is boarded. While there is not much of a problem with this, while getting down, you have to stand in a crowd and wait for your luggage to come. They just randomly take out and keep throwing the bags out. Highly disorganised stuff.

No where in the boarding process is a status indication of which ship to board, what is the jetty number of that ship, when the ship would start, when would it reach the destination, what is causing the delay, who is responsible for the delay, is the boarding complete or not etc. You have to figure out all by yourself.

Overall, it would not leave a happy feeling for travellers and tourists who visit this place.

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