Bad UX Week #8

Collection of bad user experiences from week no. 8

1. Kite by Zerodha — Error Message

When you do a trade while the stock markets are not live, Kite shows an error saying “Adapter not ready.” It sounds too technical and doesn’t really give useful information to the user. It could have been in simple terms like say, “Stock markets are closed now. They open next at 9.30 AM tomorrow.”

2. Behance Search Bar

The search field in Behance on mobile web is not intuitive. The blinking text cursor is kissing the left edge of the screen and is in a blind spot.

3. CarDekho

The arrow on the top right to see other variants of the car is hardly visible. So, one can easily mistake the second column to be the top end variant. The same happened with me and I didn’t realise until my brother said there are more high end versions!

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