How to save the earth while looking like a #badass

Part of being a #badassparent is teaching your kids that nature is something to enjoy and preserve. So for Earth Day 2017, we decided to do something special to show our love for the environment…we drove an all-electric Tesla X!

So I know what you are thinking — doesn’t that seem excessive. Well, yeah. But we are all about being #badassparents and who is the most #badassparent out there? Elon Musk of course! Not only does he build rocket ships but he basically built this car for his family of five kids.

The Tesla Model X has up to seven seats to fit the whole family. The “falcon wings” allow easy access to the middle and back row seats for kids and adults to get in and out; plus, you can open them with a push of the button from the touchscreen panel in the front. The most family-friendly feature, however, are the safety features. This car literally has sensors everywhere so you can see cars in front and to the side to avoid collisions. And, yes, other cars have this feature but the Tesla X goes one step ahead — you can actually see the cars in their lanes on the console in front of the wheel. It is pretty insane. And when you include the medical grade air filters…this is one badass car for families!

The car drives like a badass, too. From the insane take-off speeds to the panoramic windshield, it is so much fun to drive. The kids loved it, too — everytime we hit the freeway, my kids screamed “let’s go” as we took off. And when we drove downtown, we could stare up at the sky and see all the amazing tall buildings. Plus, the buttons. The kids could have played with the buttons on the touchscreen all day long…and if I didn’t drag them away from the console, they would have!

We were so privileged to test the Tesla X for the weekend courtesy of the company Green Commuter, an all-electric vanpool company. Cause let’s be honest, we could never afford this car. It is not really “consumer” priced unless you have a lot of extra $$$ lying around. But renting it for a weekend was a great way to have some fun with the family and not worry about gas, be light on the environment, and have one badass time!