Swimming Should Be Fun for Parents and Kids

We started this whole project because our kids love to swim. They seriously love it. But there is so much fear around children and water for most parents. Most parents are astonished to find out that our kids have been swimming basically from birth and that, for the most part, they have never worn flotation devices.

“Isn’t that dangerous?” “Aren’t you worried that your kid will drown?” “How can you allow them to swim without an adult holding on to them?”

These are just some of the questions we get from well-meaning but concerned parents.

We have always taught our kids, through formal lessons and informal learning, that as long as they are safe, pools are a place to enjoy, not fear. This video proves it — this two-year-old has been swimming since he was three months old and he is the happiest underwater.

Warning: this video will guarantee a smile on your face. Enjoy!