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What Is That Horrific Smell?

How to stink up your house

A picture of a woman against a turquoise background who is turned to the right dressed in a light pink top and white shirt with the sleeves rolled up is pinching her nose closed with her right hand and putting her left hand out in a “stop” gesture

The first time I coloured my hair, I was twelve. While away at summer camp, I used a spray to lighten my hair in the sun, aptly named “Sun-In.” I used too much and, without thinking, sprayed my hair while the front was pinned like a bubble (got to love the 80s hairstyles), so the lighting was not only uneven, chunks of my hair turned bright yellow and various shades of…



What more can be said about badform other than “SORRY!”

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Robin Christine Honigsberg

Author of “Dysfunctional Me.” Associate Editor of Sensitive eccentric. 3x OD survivor. Top Writer in Reading. Medium Editor of “AYOT” Pub.