July 20 BadgeChain Community Call: Lawrence Lundy, Outlier Ventures

Wednesday, July 20 2016

Interested in blockchain technology and education, learning recognition, and digital credentialing?Join the next BadgeChain Community Call! All are invited to listen and participate.

What: BadgeChain Community biweekly call
Who: guest speaker — Lawrence Lundy, Outlier Ventures
When: July 20th, 8am PDT / 11am EDT
Where: http://etherpad.badgechain.com/p/bc_community_jul_20_2016
How: http://uberconference.com/badgechain

Preview podcast: Four Questions for Lawrence Lundy 
Call recording: https://archive.org/details/BadgeChainCommunityCall7202016

BadgeChain holds biweekly community calls in order to explore through through research, advocacy and development how blockchain technologies can advance learning recognition and digital credentialing. We offer a podcast preview of speakers for the upcoming call. You can follow us on Twitter at BadgeChain. And follow along with our Q+A mailing list.

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