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We Have Moved to

The new is officially LIVE!

To christen the new site, Spadaboom has dropped a Badger Retrospective & 2021 Roadmap in our News section.

So what’s new and notable on

We’ve included some standout highlights below.

New to Defi?

We take you on a journey starting with a little Badger 101. By the time you’re done reading, ull be able to set up a wallet, bridge native Bitcoin and start earning interest today!

Wanna learn more about Badger products?

We provide a detailed overview of our suite of products including their utility, core functionality and how they support our mission to bring Bitcoin to DeFi.

Community rules everything…

Wrapping one’s head around the idea of a community owned DAO can be tough and it will continue to evolve into the future. We’ve done our best to share how we operate, your role as a user and how we make key business decisions together.

In the news today…

We are leaving Medium behind and moving all newsworthy content to our new news page. Be sure to check out the newest post from Spadaboom.

Security is key…

Security is of utmost importance and we take the necessary steps to conduct proper auditing along the way to ensure users deposits are as safe as possible.

This section provides an overview of our practices and access to our audits!

Everything is moving…

This also means that all of our platforms will be making the move too.

Most notably.. -> -> ->



BadgerDAO is a cross-chain DeFi protocol that focuses on developing products that enable users to put their Bitcoin to work and while earning yield on their investments.

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