Bahrain Information Minister: latest national audit report reveals progress from 20012–13

Embassy Newsletter 31 March 2015

Over the past year the government of Bahrain has applied itself to making solid progress based on the latest report by the National Audit Office (NAO), excelling in decisiveness, categorization and technical analysis of its output.

Speaking at the post-cabinet press conference, Bahrain’s Information Affairs Minister conveyed that raising the general debt cap, as requested by the Finance Ministry, aims to provide the needed financial resources to carry out government projects. This, along with approving the state’s budget for 2015–2016 will be achieved through coordination between the executive and legislative branches.

In terms of progress, he pointed out a 25% decrease in the number of remarks in this year’s report compared to the previous NAO report (2012–13), noting that five remarks require referral to the Public Prosecution in the current report compared to 25 in the previous one. He said the Interior Ministry’s General Directorate of Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security had been tasked to probe the remarks which necessitate referral to the Public Prosecution. Seven remarks, versus 33 previously, require an internal inquiry. He said the Ministerial Committee for Legal Affairs had been tasked to conduct an internal investigation into those seven to find out if they need a disciplinary or administrative accountability according to regulations.

The Information Minister stated that a work team will follow up on implementation for the 334 remarks requiring administrative procedures for rectification. He affirmed that the decrease in the total remark index is a positive sign of performance improvement as most remarks were administrative and not legal.

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