Californian Literature

Portrait of the Author:
Beatriz Eugenia Macías Gómez is originally from Ayutla, Jalisco. From a young age, her interests have been the kitchen, painting, literature, and social work. Beatriz is the author of the stories: Princesa Chimalhuacana, El prestamo de Rojas and El vagabundo, all of which are included in Queda la palabra, an anthology of comundeños authors. Beatriz currently lives in Ciudad Constitution and is working on a cookbook compilation as well as a cookbook of Jalisco cuisine.

Biographical Sketch Book:

During eight years of a door-to-door treasure hunt, the author collected ancient recipes handed down orally from generation to generation. With a voice recorder and a camera, she created Gastronomy Sapphires, a compilation of 209 traditional and authentic recipes of South Californian cuisine. Beatriz has written simply and each recipe will encourage you to test your skills in the kitchen. This is not just another cookbook, but a real jewel of regional cuisines. “In the desert, nothing is wasted.”

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