Streaming Consciousness with Roy Woods

OVO’s Roy Woods serenades you with songs from his (love) life for seven glorious tracks in new release “Nocturnal”

Roy Woods touching your soul at Ryerson University’s 6 Fest. Photo by the author

Roy Woods almost silenced that little bit of “Skr Skr” inside Madeintyo.


That ad-lib made sure “I Want (Skr Skr)” and “Uber Everywhere” reached literally every basement party in the whole goddamn world last year, which was fun.

Guest starring on Roy Woods’ Nocturnal, Mr. Tokyo croons and caresses the microphone, even singing the beautiful-by-2016's-standards lines:

Hit me up when you get this
Talk to you girl cause you listen (Hey)
I still love you when you bitchin'
She bite her lips when Tokyo switch positions

😪😥😢😓😭 bro this is the state of ballads of today and I’m totally OK with it. This is modern art. “Girl, I’m texting you — or leaving a voicemail, but who tf does that anymore — because you’re a good listener. I love you even when you annoy me.” Be still my beating heart.

This is not a performance neither Kevin Yeung or I expected from the same guy who spent an entire song spitting “I could fuck her one on one” over the slappinest beat I’ve heard this year, but we’re damn glad he did it.

Nocturnal as a whole is real nice — we like it a lot.

“Dangerous” brings prime Neyo prancing through my mind, with his satin fedora perched just at an angle so precarious that the hat must’ve been glued to the glorious, shiny dome of his.

Tell me you don’t see that visual listening to this:

There are some real gems on this seven-track project that make it replayable well into the cold winter months. We here at BKDBNS thank Roy for the heaters to keep us warm this holiday season.