Tezos Ecosystem Map v2.0

An unofficial update on developments since October 2018

Above is an update on the Tezos Ecosystem Map which was last published at the beginning of October 2018. This is a community initiative and is in no way an official view.

Many thanks to the various community members who suggested additions or changes to the way that information is shown. Some suggestions from the community have been included in the map but remain to be confirmed.

Major changes made since version 1.0 are:

  • A number of new additions have been made — these are shown in red text. Some of these are new developments, some were missed the first time around;
  • Two new categories have been added — languages and resources, both at the request of the community; and
  • Where information is available wallets that are Ledger or Trezor compatible are designated with an (L) or (T) respectively.

As before, the Tezos Ecosystem Map is a living document which will be improved over time. Suggestions for projects and organisations to be included or better ways to classify the ecosystem are always welcome (please leave suggestions in the comments).

The Tezos Ecosystem Map is a listing gathered from public information and community input and is provided without warranty as to security, accuracy, completeness or appropriateness; and inclusion in the map is not an endorsement. As always with blockchain trust but verify — please do your own checks and research before engaging with any of the ecosystem constituents, particularly wallets, tools and baking services.

The Tezos Ecosystem Map continues to be published under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence so may be used freely by third parties for non-commercial purposes with attribution in accordance with the licence terms.