2018 In Review

Another year, another wrinkle! We really got some stuff done this year, time for a recap.

Year of New Directions

This year we took a crack at some new things, like hosting our conference An Interesting Day in Amsterdam, and going to the Philippines for An Interesting Break. We helped Vipps ship their new and improved payment app and built two new products for Coinbase. We also refurbished the Amsterdam office, moved to a new office in Bonn, and added some great people to the team – among many other things!

  • A group of 18 new fantastic people joined our team – 5 in Amsterdam, 3 in Bonn and 10 in Oslo. Get to know them here. 🔥
  • The entire company went camping on the Palawan Islands in the Philippines. Probably the greatest team building adventure of all time, fueled by infinite amounts of jungle juice. 🏝
  • For the fourth year in a row, we hosted our weird one-day conference An Interesting Day. This year we moved it to Amsterdam and made it bigger than ever with great speakers like Anna Holmes, Ida Tin, Tracy Ma and Zach Lieberman. ✌️
  • During An Interesting Day, we also curated a playground with stellar performances and curious installations from the likes of Yuri Suzuki, The Rodina and Katja Heitmann. Find a recap here. 🎉
  • Thanks to An Interesting Day, we now have 150 ball pit balls in our Amsterdam office that we don’t know what to do with. 🏓
  • We moved to a new office space in Bonn, which was inaugurated during a massive Halloween party. 🎃
  • We also refurbished our Amsterdam office and ordered a waterbike, which is like a small boat but with pedals. Great for one-on-one meetings! 🛶
  • Mobile developer Ellen had a busy year. She spoke at 9 conferences and 1 meetup, including Swift Tokyo, RWDevCon in the US and NSSpain. She also co-wrote a book on Kotlin! 💬
  • Co-founder Johan turned 40 this year, and we surprised him by showing up in a party bus outside his house. We took him to a local spa hotel where we ran into Carrie Ann Moss (yes, Trinity from The Matrix). ✨
  • We hosted yet another infamous Stupid Hackathon, resulting in really useful apps like Wrong Way GPS, a George Michael callback service, and Primate — a dating app for inmates. 💥
  • We had 4 new Bakken & Babies, with 2 more on the way. The Baby Kit seems to be working!
  • We made Gasellene — a list of Norway’s fastest growing companies — for the third year in a row. 🦌
  • We also made Financial Times’ list of Europe’s 1000 fastest growing companies, and Inc. Magazines’ list of top 5000 companies in Europe! 📈
  • Also, Innomag put us on their list of Norway’s 25 most innovative companies! 💎
  • We hosted a bunch of different events at our offices, including Creative Mornings, Ladies Wine and Design, Android Open House, AI for Public Good and a CocoaHeads Meetup. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
  • Anita’s mom visited us from Italy and prepared the most amazing authentic Italian lunch. 🇮🇹
  • During winter, our Coinbase team went to San Francisco where they sent us many photos of themselves wearing t-shirts. 🌤
  • We created 81 new Slack channels, including #skincare, #chess and #sourdough (getting us up to a nice and round 450 public channels). ♟
  • Jens won 17 wine bottles when we went mini-golfing. He is still showing them off at his desk. ⛳️
  • A bunch of us went to work from Berlin for a week, which can now be considered an annual tradition. 🇩🇪
  • We expanded our collection of city guides with two of our favourite places: Bonn and Amsterdam. 🏙
  • We invited our friends, and friends of our friends, to a huge beach party at the Oslo office, which included a custom built pool, a jazz band and two hundred pineapples. 🍍
  • We finished off the year with a Christmas party at Husotunet (in between Gol and Hemsedal), where we blew up 5 kilos of fireworks, had some serious snowball fights, and spent a combined 210 hours in the sauna. 🎄

There’s even more stuff below these photos…


We had some time to work as well. Here’s a sum up of the things we did:

  • A big one for us this year was the launch of the new Vipps, Norway’s number one payment platform. We redesigned and helped rebuild the app from the ground up. Read more about what we did here.
  • Another project we are really proud of is Coinbase Custody, a new custodian service for financial institutions. Together with our long-term partners Coinbase, we designed and built the entire platform → custody.coinbase.com
  • We also helped out turning Toshi into the new and blue Coinbase Walletwallet.coinbase.com
  • Together with the great team over at Hegnar Media, we gave digital life to 50 years of print legacy with the new kapital.no.
  • We worked with the ambitious team at 0x to rebrand, redesign and rebuild their online presence → 0x.org
  • Having experienced immense growth since we built and launched a humble prototype back in 2014, on-demand delivery service Morgenlevering was in need of a refresh. Together with the good people at Grei, we created a new brand and visual identity.
  • We prototyped Lego Vision, where you can turn your own selfie into a Lego brick model.
  • Having worked closely together with our venture partners Alva Technologies on several products in the past years, we also designed and built a new brand identity and website for them → alva-tech.no
  • Started on a handful of new exciting projects that we can’t really talk about until next year. We’ll keep you posted!
  • We also started rebranding ourselves. Be on the lookout for a new website in early 2019.

We are excited to see what the new year will bring us, Happy New Year! ✨