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This year, things took an interesting turn.

On August 7th, we had a blast meeting up with old friends, making new ones and listening to some great talks on a tiny island in the Oslofjord. After a wild ride of events, we moved the afterparty back to the mainland and invited 600 more people to party with us. This was An Interesting Day.

An Interesting Morning

In the early Monday morning hours, we rocked up at Aker Brygge with a big crowd of creatives, entrepreneurs and technologists. We jumped the boat with 150 people and headed for our weird annual conference on Steilene island.

Stats: no man left behind

On arriving, our eminent host, Pasquale D’Silva made a splashing entrance by air-dropping from a helicopter. Moments later, our scuba-masked and tropically party-tuxed (yet suspiciously dry) hero surfaced on the shore, ready to kickstart the day. Luckily, his stunt double dummy was recovered by our divers, ensuring more stunts in the future.

Stats: 0 lives or dummies lost at sea

An Interesting Day

We kept the speaking sessions even shorter and sweeter this year, with brief, but great talks and a delicious donut break, courtesy of Fryd. This year’s topics (and toppings) were widely ranged, and included war zone paper art by Miso/Stanislava Pinchuk, economic and sustainable initiatives in developing countries by Marie Nielsen, an all-purpose The New Yorker caption that caused a viral buzz by Frank Chimero and a discussion on creative freedom by Glory Edim. To top it all off, founder of Tumblr, David Karp, graciously underwent an informal Q&A with our feathery host.

Stats: 0 cardiac arrests, +5 Intelligence

One to remember was Pasquale testing David Karp’s handcuff hack with 30 seconds on the clock set to the Mission Impossible theme. Although failing beautifully, Pasquale redeemed himself by managing to slide his hands out of the cuffs in no time.

Stats: 1 free bird

Fire and ice

Between speaking sessions, we arranged a fire-breathing course for anyone eager to try. Lots of people stepped up to the plate, and soon enough fireballs were flying left and right. Safely located outside the line of fire, local raw food startup På Pinne treated us to some deliciously funky flavored popsicles, both virgin and alcoholic.

After wrapping up the speaking sessions, the rain had started pouring down, but that didn’t stop our guests from diving head first into the aquatic activities on the island. People were tumbling around in human-sized hamster balls and jet-packing around the fjord like nobody’s business.

Stats: 0 burn victims

Barbecue & bongo beats

After a long and eventful day, we stoked up the fireplace and gathered everyone inside for a sweet barbecue dinner and some savory cocktails, courtesy of Torggata Botaniske bartending crew. Jon Intro took us through dinner with a cool DJ-set before Bosses Bongoband’s live orchestra performance got us jazzed for the afterparty.

Stats: 6 people dancing

This year we decided to host the afterparty in the city so we could invite more people to join us. So after a little wining, dining and getting into the groove of things, we strapped on our dancing shoes and boarded the boats back to the mainland for the afterparty. Bosses Bongoband and Jon Intro turned up the heat and volume on deck and had us dancing all the way across the Oslofjord.

Stats: 0 people left stranded on the island, +50 people dancing

An Interesting Night

We arrived at Vippa an hour later to find the venue packed with hundreds of people wanting to party with us. Karima F started us off with her trademark style of current underground, before jazz legend Bugge Wesseltoft overpowered us with his electronic nu jazz. Kelly Lee Owens hypnotized us right off the bat, and electronica legend Jon Hopkins had us dancing blindly into the night.

Stats: +800 moves busted

Thanks to everyone for making it An Interesting Day!

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