BB and Ruter win the DOGA award

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Mar 11 · 2 min read

Every year, DOGA Norway honors the best design and architecture in Norway, and we are overjoyed to receive this year’s award for our work with Ruter and NoA Ignite. Together, we’ve extended their brand with a new digital visual universe and designed a new app helping millions of travelers on a daily basis.

This is what the DOGA jury has to say:

The app is clearly the result of good design management, resulting in a friendly and warm product. Underneath the surface, however, hides the intricate coding that manages to capture the whole of Ruter’s complex services in an intuitive and attractive interface.

We are also charmed by how the app gently nudges the user into choosing to walk or bicycle, and we want to applaud Ruter for thinking holistically around seamless mobility on the traveler’s terms.

Ruter’s new travel app is awarded the DOGA award for design and architecture as a long-awaited service that is skillfully designed and executed down to the last detail.”

The app

Every day over a million people in the greater Oslo area interact with Ruter through their apps, website, and countless transit points. Our goal was to make their everyday lives a little simpler, while keeping in mind that the city is growing, evolving, and changing.

Building a new app from scratch, we wanted to combine previously separate features like route planning and ticketing while at the same time creating a new design system that can scale future unknowns and new means of transportation. We also experimented with features to incentivise walking and biking.

The app is simple to use and designed with special attention to accessibility and inclusion for its many, and diverse users. Thousands of travelers have already tested the new Ruter app, and we can’t wait to share it with all of you in 2021.

Photos by Hinda Fahre.

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