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Introducing Karina and Jens

Two new faces in the Oslo office as copywriter Karina Raunholm and designer Jens Skoug Obel join the team.

Jens and Karina. Foto: Anne Valeur

Karina Raunholm

We are really excited to get Karina onboard as a copywriter. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in copywriting from Westerdals and studied Nordic language at University of Oslo, so there’s little doubt she’s fond of words. Previously she has worked as a communication advisor at The Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management and as a desk journalist and digital editor for business daily Dagens Næringsliv. She also used to run her own startup!

Karina spends most of the summer in her tipi, and apparently she’s great at cooking, both inside and outside! She has a 2 year old sourdough in her fridge to prove it. Being an avid learner Karina recently started climbing, and she’s currently taking on Spanish. Welcome to the team!

Jens Skoug Obel

Jens is our latest addition to the design team. He grew up in Denmark but has lived in Norway for 13 years, and is still clinging to his Danish citizenship. Jens recently graduated from Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, where he got the idea for Ghostwriter, a writing tool to help you tell your life story. We’re excited to see what can come out of this project. He has extensive experience with interface design, editorial design and concept development, and has previously worked at Railway, Dinamo and Geelmuyden Kiese.

Jens holds a real affection for the printed word, but sadly had to see his favorite magazines Colors and Lucky Peach shut down. He finds comfort in his most prized possession; The Lord of The Rings books illustrated by none other than Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark Margrethe II. Happy to have you, Jens!



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