Perks and Recreation

At Bakken & Bæck we value a healthy work-life balance, and we strongly encourage 40 hour work weeks — not more. As a team we are continuously developing our set of perks and benefits together, based on both the needs of individuals and the team as a whole. Different phases of life require different levels of support. Here is the current list of our employee benefits.

5 weeks paid vacation…

No big whoop there, these are national guidelines across all offices. In Germany they also have an incredible amount of public holidays, like Fronleichnam (Corpus Cristi). They have a parade and everything.

…whenever you need it

You are not forced to spend your vacation days during the summer. Allocate them as you want throughout the year.

Flexible work hours

You know those days when you wake up and just don’t feel very good? Sleep it off, and come into the office later. You decide how you allocate your work time.

Work remotely

There’s a leak beneath your kitchen sink, and the plumbing company said they’ll send someone between “7am and 4pm”. Impractical, but no problem, just pull up your laptop and you can work from home.

If you live in a different location than one of our offices, commuting five days a week may suck the life out of you. We offer different setups where people spend some days working in the office, and some days working at home. It has worked pretty well so far.


A combination of work and vacation? Berlin, Tromsø, Alicante and Mallorca are just some of the places where people from B&B have successfully combined working days with vacationing nights or vice versa.

The hardware and software you need

You decide your own setup, we cover 100%.

Paid parental leave

This goes without saying, as it’s regulated by national rules and guidelines. In Norway, both the maternal and paternal quota is 10 weeks in addition to a shared period of 26 or 36 weeks that can be allocated between parents. We encourage you to get as much time as you can with your newborn, and we will be as flexible as possible.

Baby kit

In addition to paid parental leave we offer a nice little package of things for you and your new family: a 2.000 euro bonus to buy whatever you need, a chef that will come to your house and cook a nice meal for you, a gift card for 30 coffees at your favourite coffee place, and free magazines or books to keep you inspired during your time off. We are constantly adjusting the contents of this kit together.


If you are moving to work at one of our offices we offer to pay for two weeks of accommodation while you settle in. We’ll put down the deposit on your new rental, if needed. If you are relocating between two of our offices, we’ll also cover the transportation and shipping of your stuff.

Conferences and courses

You know best what inspires you and what you need to stay on top of your game. Training courses, conferences, exhibitions or inspirational tours. As long as it’s relevant for your work, you’re encouraged to go and the costs will be covered.

The Alps or Tokyo? Professional development knows no bounds.

Office massage

Several times a month you have the chance to get a proper massage and relieve some of that desk-worker tension.

A stake in our portfolio

New employees may be offered to buy stocks and become a shareholder in our investment company. We have shares in our own ventures like Wake and Orbit, but also in other companies and startups that we have decided to invest in or partner with. These companies range from giant international unicorns to small do-good startups that want to make the world a better place.

Health insurance

Sometimes life can hit you hard. Depending on the office, all employees are provided with an extensive health care package.

Language courses

We get by with using English across all of our offices, but if you are moving to Norway, Germany or the Netherlands you might want to get a piece of the native tongue. We will subsidise language courses for you.

Food, lunch, snacks, coffee & tea

Whatever you need to get through the day, we’ll get it for you.

Witness the fitness

If you want to sign up for a marathon or another kind of race we will happily cover the fee.

Beekeeping it real

In Oslo we have a beautiful rooftop terrace that we share with four beehives. To be able to join in on the fun of keeping bees, we will subsidise a beekeeping class for you. And of course, you’ll have unlimited access to the honey pot.


Every year we bring the entire company on two trips, one in the summer and one before Christmas. Some of the previous trips have been to Voss, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Berlin and Copenhagen.

Leap of faith

Every leap year you’ll get the extra day off on February 29th ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Wait, there is more

  • City bike subscription in Oslo
  • Bitraf membership, a makerspace in Oslo
  • Museum pass in Amsterdam
  • Regular (and irregular) social happenings
  • A lifetime supply of piñatas
  • Cake and a small gift on your birthday

The various offices may have slightly different perks, both because of different countries having different rules, but also because the different offices select their own perks. This way you can be a part of shaping your own office and your own work environment.

Check out more on our perks in the Company Handbook.