Wake For Dummies

Wake is a private space to share and discuss design work with your team. The web, desktop and mobile platforms make it super easy for designers to share work and collect feedback from their team, enabling a better, more open and transparent design process.

Want to know more about Wake’s background? Read up on that here.

How does Wake work?

Create or join a team on Wake

It’s easy. First, get the team administrator to invite you to your design team. You’ll receive an e-mail with a link you can click, or you can sign in to the team via teamname.wake.io/join.

If your company is not on Wake yet, feel free to sign up via wake.io/signup.

Download the Wake app for Mac

After that’s taken care of, download the Mac app. This nifty little tool allows you to use shortcuts to upload your work to Wake. In the Mac app’s preferences panel you’ll find a tab named General. There you can set a shortcut for uploading a screenshot, or for uploading the current contents of your clipboard.

Set keyboard shortcuts in Wake’s Mac app preferences.

Install the Sketch plugin

There’s also a Sketch plugin available. Under the General tab, click Install Sketch plugin. Then, click an artboard in Sketch and hit CMD + SHIFT + W. Boom! Uploaded before you could even blink.

Install Wake on your iPhone

In the App Store you can also find a Wake iOS app. This one’s very useful if you want to upload a quick sketch you made, a photo of a whiteboard you scribbled on, or check the latest comments on work you’ve posted earlier.

Tagging your work

As soon as you’ve uploaded something, browse to teamname.wake.io. There you’ll see your upload has appeared. Click it and start typing a description in the comments section on the right. Make sure you assign it a proper #tag, too.

At Bakken & Bæck we usually tag our uploads with #projectname. This way, when you start typing in Wake’s search bar, all your used tags will be searchable and opening them will instantly show a complete overview of all the work that has been done within a project.

Use Wake for a couple of projects, upload your work regularly and we guarantee you’ll love it.

Collaborating using Wake

New employees

You can’t always peek over your colleague’s shoulder to see what they’ve done. Uploading and properly tagging work on Wake makes sure everyone on your Wake team stays in the loop.

Wake is especially useful for getting new employees up to speed. If you hired a new designer and want to put him/her on an existing project, just direct them to teamname.wake.io/s/tag and they’ll see everything that has been uploaded so far.
It will help them understand where a project came from and how it has evolved over time.

Remote workers

Collaborating from different locations is easier with Wake, too. Since Wake is a centralised space, remote workers won’t have a hard time gathering and giving feedback on design work.

Pro tip: Slack integration

When you’ve just started using a new service, it’s easy to forget about it. We’ve been there. That’s why we built a Slack integration. Simply hook up your Wake team to a Slack channel, like #design or #critique, and all activity — new uploads and comments — will be posted to that channel. One extra reminder to make sure everyone collaborates nicely.

That’s it. Easy as pie! If you have any questions, browse to support.wake.io and we’ll gladly help you out.

Happy collaborating!

Wake iPhone app
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