Monthly Progress Update

Have we failed yet?!

J and I will share monthly progress updates on the last Friday of every month :) This month’s update is early because we want to document where we are at the start. The next progress update will be on March 31.

What have we accomplished in February?

  1. Mockups. We have rough mockups (~30 screens) of a preliminary product that have been refined through interviews, but have yet to complete detailed mockups that document the entire process of using Bakti.
  2. Market sizing. We have a rough idea and breakdown of the market size for eldercare in Singapore and what we hope to capture. We have not performed market sizing for markets external to Singapore.
  3. Office space. We are based out of NUS Enterprise at Blk71 Singapore. We are incredibly grateful to NUS Enterprise for providing us office space, and we look forward to contributing to the Blk71 community!

Goals for March

  1. Determine specific target customers and the specific problem that our first product Bakti Family solves.
  2. Complete detailed mockups for Bakti Family that document the entire experience of using the product. Test these mockups through interviews such that we can begin software development by April.
  3. Complete an architecture proposal for Bakti’s tech stack and get peer reviews.
  4. Create landing page at with signup for interested users such that we can grow our beta tester distribution list.
  5. Complete a product proposal for Bakti’s products beyond Bakti Family that outlines Bakti’s expected revenue model.

Excited to see how our customers respond!