Marketing — MODI style

How “Team MODI” stuck to the basics of marketing and delivered

As a student of business and marketing the MODI campaign has been a great case study for me.

First time in 30 years an Indian party wins a decisive mandate to be given the opportunity to form a strong and stable government at the center.

Magician MODI did wave his wand to create history and do something that no other Indian politician had done — Manage and market a very professional campaign.

As someone asked “is this the beginning of India trying to do the same way how Americans run election campaigns??”. Manoj Ladwa, a MODI confidante answered — “well this is the way India will run its future election campaigns”.

If you look at it Team MODI has stuck to the basics of marketing that has been reinforced over time immemorial but yet has added modern tools to amplify the same. Lets decode them.

Firstly Team Modi :
Putting together a crack team that is domain experienced and empowered to deliver a 360 degree marketing campaign :

Amit Shah — Modi’s key aid and BJP Gen Secty
Prashank Kikor
Ajay Singh — Spice Jet Co-founder
Manoj Ladwa — Head of Campaign and communications and a London based M&A Lawyer
K.Kailashnathan — Ex Bureaucrat
Soho Square and McCann agencies
BG Mahesh — Online campaign manager
Piyush Pandey & Prasoon Joshi — Communication Experts.

(Piyush came up with Ab ke baar … creative and Prasoon wrote the lyrics and ad copy)

With Team MODI in place he went ahead to conquer.
Let us cheer modi for the marketing lessons he reinforced us with :


P — Product — Power of the BRAND
P — Place & Local appeal
P — Progress
P — Promotion


A solid offering in the form of PM candidate. What every investor wants in a company — proven track record, good fundamentals and excellent BRAND MODI that was built erasing some bad memories and reinforcing good ones became the pillar of the product that BJP sold through its campaign. It was MODI MODI everywhere.

Brand MODI was visible everywhere. This added to the lack of strength displayed by his competitors lead to an overwhelming MODI Wave.
The 2 turning points that helped MODI infinitely in beating down his competition was :
1. Rahuls interview with Arnab
2. Kejriwals drama and histrionics in Delhi
With this turning to his favour — the result was expected to be a MODI sweep.


The reach to consumer was fabulous. MODI conducted and orchestrated :
- 437 rallies across the length and breath of the country from kashmir to kanyakumari. A historic first in any election campaign run across the world.
- 650 specially designed raths taking his message to rural India.
- 5500 video conferences, Chai pe charchas.
- 3D rallies for the first time made people see and feel him even if he wasnt there in person.

Other notable aspect of his campaign was that wherever he campaigned he added a local flavour to his address by adopting the local culture through his head gear. He lived by the old adage “when in Rome be a Roman”. Corporates — Check this out for localisation lessons :


Developmental model of Gujarat was amplified and communicated over and over again. The card of progress and development was played to the hilt to make every aam aadmi in India believe that MODI had the magic wand for his and the country’s bright future. The campaign style was similar to “Vote for Change” campaign by Obama. What is similar is that both the countries had hit an all time low across all parameters during elections. The best card that they could play was change and progress.


Reportedly anywhere between 5k to 10k crore was spent on “MODI for PM” campaign by BJP.
It involved all mediums like press, hoardings, TV, radio, twitter, Facebook, digital etc along with massively funded rallies and memorabilia.

MODI-The brand was reinforced time and again through :
Ab ke baar modi sarkar
Acche din aane wale hain
Ek Note, Kalam par vote

Modi Face masks
Modi T-shirts
Modi USBs

Happy to note that his clinical marketing efforts have delivered results with a thumping majority.

The way he has run his campaign has displayed his astute business sense, eye for detail and team building strengths. If he could replicate this in running the government he would really do well in delivering the promises committed by him to the people of India during the campaign.

Look forward to MODI SARKAR.

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