Responsible Marketing

The evolution of Branding & Marketing with the eCommerce Revolution.

The only hoardings i am able to see these days are dotcom sites and ecomm players.

Is the quantum of money involved and the speed to gain customers in eCommerce killing creativity in marketing? Is the online space utilising investor money “Responsibly”?

Pricing and discount advertising is something altogether different as a strategy, which is not the point i am trying to address in this blog. My concern is are we being creative enough when there is lots of money to spend?

Case in point the latest campaign “Look up”. Excellently thought campaign that brings in optimism and and connects it to the joy of searching for a house together along with your life partner. Even the symbol connects the upward looking arrow to the roof of the house.

100 marks for creativity on how the campaign has been conceived.

But alas, When it came to execution i believe the media guys at housing totally lost their creativity.

Cut this conversation to Bandra signal — each hoarding costing atleast a couple of lakhs per month. There are about 8 hoardings on one side of the junction and all the 8 have been taken up by Housing.

(You cant see 3 hoardings on the right side in the above pic).

Out of the 8 housing hoardings — they have used just 2 creatives. So i am just repeating the same message and blocking out the customer from seeing anything else.

Is this a good thing to do ?? Even if they had to use the junction to scream out “housing” couldnt they have connected the dots and done it more creatively?

If you look at the economics — 8 *2 lakhs = 16 Lakhs — which is the startup budget for some entrepreneurs. And it has not just been spent over just one signal but entire mumbai, all metros in India. Wherever you go it is housing’s look up campaign.

Check out Mumbai airport :

Everywhere there were same creatives being used just next to each other. Its like someone wanted to paint the town PINK but didnt have the time to think through it.

Housing was a e-commerce startup just 2 years ago. They had recently got multi million dollar funding. And this is not the case with just housing but many online companies will be following the same path of raising money and spending it heavily on advertising.

Are we as entrepreneurs utilizing marketing funds effectively? And especially when backed by an investor? When there is lot of money in the name of CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) is there a Marketing and Branding accountability and responsibility ?

More than that are we being creative enough when we have money?

Mr.Dilip Kapur, Hidesign’s marketing genius and my Professional guru always used to keep telling me “Brand building with money is easy, but growing a brand without money with just creativity and innovation is more difficult”.

In the ecomm revolution, Are we guys upto the challenge. Will investor money see some revolutionary marketing campaigns, not just on our face branding but Branding ideas that lingers in our hearts and minds … we have to wait and watch.

Lets up the creativity guys and do some “responsible” marketing.

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