Trrain Retail Awards — Retail Employees day 12.12.2014

It is said that one in every seventh person in this world is from the retail community. It always is a matter of pride to us retailers that we are a part of a unique industry with a great heritage.

Spent some great time with Retail greats on 12.12.2014 when Trrain brought these awards to Chennai.

Happy to see so many retail star employees getting due recognition. They are just symbols of countless retail employees whose work goes without any mention and recognition.

Mr.B.S.Nagesh (Yes the Retail Legend) welcomed the gathering and shared his vision. Afterall the RED (Retail Employees Day) was his vision a few years back and now it has become a reality.

Met some old friends in Retail and also some Legends. Some memorable interactions were with :

Dilip Kapur , President Hidesign, my ex boss, my mentor, my teacher — whatever i have learned in Marketing was only from this man. It was a brief and warm meeting. He enquired about how i was doing and was happy to know that i am doing pretty ok with Wassup. I told him that i owe a lot to him for all the moulding days and wish to continue the relationship in the future. Shared our Sparrow idea with him and he seemed to like it a bit. He told me that i should push myself to be a successful serial entrepreneur 2 to 3 years down the line. It was a touching moment to receive that message from him as i have never thought of being one seriously, but i felt that it was a message to me from somewhere.

C.K.Kumaravel — the pioneer in the salon industry — founder of Naturals chain. He told me that the industry i have chosen has equal potential like his and motivated me to stay focused and make it be. What was really touching was when he said “This guy reminds me of what i was 15 years back — taken up a unique industry and trying to innovate”. Hope i can live upto his achievements and success and replicate what he did in salon industry with laundry.

It is always so heartwarming to meet BSN. The positive energy, the humility, the vision is soo intense that it truly brushes on you. Thank you sir for giving retail employees a day of our own.

Well this is my dear friend and retail legend Kumar Rajagopalan — Founder & CEO of Retailers Association of India. Kumar has been doing awesome work as the industry body for retailers with various initiatives and pathbreaking work in retail. Thanks to Kumar we launched the NextGen Retailer Forum supported by RAI in Chennai.

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