Why India and Indians need a HERO

My personal search for a HERO and a LEADER

Ever since i was a kid i was always fascinated by a few personalities who went on to inspire me, made me think, made me aware of how one should live.

Heroes have a great impact on peoples lives and define how they craft themselves as human beings, as professionals as citizens and as leaders.

A hero helps us find ourselves during our journey in life. I am sure all of us have own heroes whom we look up to. Some of our heroes are may be our parents, brothers, teachers or even bosses.

As India looks for a hero and a leader …. I wanted to share with you some of my heroes and why i was attracted to them.

The first one is Ayrton Senna Da Silva.

Ayrton Senna celebrating a most cherished victory at Sao Paulo Brazil.

Aryton Senna : My very first hero.

From When : Remember late 1980s and early 90s when Senna was at the peak of his career. I was in my hi school then.

My memories about him :F1 was not a famous sport in India then. Something drew me to his eyes…face covered with the helmet….the intensity, the passion, the focus. And the way he competed …. i was floored. More i knew about him the more i was happy that i found a hero for myself.

Why my hero : Loved the way Senna was a magic on the race track. Was more happy to discover the man behind the helmet. A perfectionist, A great family man, A true professional, A philanthropist, A patriot, A great human being and add to that the greatest F1 driver ever. His words “Failure is not an option” became a driving motto in my life too.

The rain master — Senna

How he changed my life :
Senna deeply influenced my thoughts and behavior during my school days. I wanted to compete like him, i wanted to be win like him in whatever area i would eventually take up.

The next hero — JRD Tata

The architect of the Tata Group for 5 decades and also of Air India.

JRD Tata

From When : Once i lost Senna “physically” in 1991, I was on the look out for an inspirational figure. Thats when i came across the then Bharat Ratna Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy TATA.

My memories about him : Once i read an article about him which motivated me to pickup his biography — Beyond the Last Blue Mountain and then Joy of achievement. Was so amazed about the personality and upbringing of this guy. There was already so much of documentation available that made it easy for me to know about him.

Why my hero : Jeh rode on 2 careers — The TATA group is today what it is largely due to the direction and leadership of JRD who headed it for more than 5 decades before Ratan Tata tookover. Not many knew that he also was driven by another passion which led him to start Indias first airline — Air India. Yes then the govt ended up nationalising the airline started by Jeh. Its oft repeated that you cant succeed in life if you stick onto ideals. The Tata group and this man proved to the world and to India that it is possible to be idealist and yet win at business.

How he changed my life : I started getting more interest in a business career after reading about JRD. It prompted me to read a lot about other businessmen and their stores. I became a decent reader of business biographies and inspirational lives. All of that started with beyond the last blue mountain.

Next comes India’s favourite son — Sachin Sachinnnn…..

Sachin Tendulkar
From When : Sharjah desert storm.

My memories about him : Just like every other Indian we have lived our lives along with Sachin. Is there anything left more to say about him. He was the lone jewel in an uninspiring team of Indian cricketers — thats ofcourse before saurav and rahul joined the party. I used to break remotes and throw things when sachin got out. It was like we lost the match.

Why my hero : In a nation going through lot of difficulty, poverty, bad politics, religious hatred…one thing that made India and Indians happy was Sachin in full flow. God knows how many times the nation came to a standstill when “God” batted. I really dont know if there was any human being in modern era to have so much influence on his countrymen like what Sachin had on us. The icing on the cake is definitely the way he conducted himself beyond the 22 yards. I am told that he refused to do million dollar deals with cigarette and alchohol companies as he didnt want to misguide the youth.

Sachin and India’s long cherished dream of winning the world cup. What better than home soil.

How he changed my life : When we were kids he gave us the confidence that as Indians we can compete with the best in the world and beat them too. His poise and conduct of the field is a great inspiration for millions of Indians including me.

Last but not the least…the only Modern day true Leader of India — APJ Abdul Kalam

APJ Abdul Kalam — the Missile Man & then the Peoples President.

From when :
From the time i was in 7th when i was deeply interested in astronomy. Physics classes were looked forward too for chapters on astronomy. I wanted to be an astronomer. Then i get to read about India’s feet in defense and aerospace technology headed by Vikram Sarabhai and his protege — APJ Abdul Kalam. From them Kalams been on my hero radar.

My memories about him :
We all know enough stories about the man who was easily the most well known scientist in India. The nuclear mission was fulfilled and Kalam and co were heroes for the whole nation for giving us the ultimate defense capability. Was thrilled to bits when the Indian government under Vajpayee elected him for the post of the President. What transpired after he became the President strengthened his role in Indian history as one of the most respected and loved leaders in India.

Why my hero :
His simplicity, his high goals, his energy, his work ethic and more than everything his love for people of India and for Indias future made him the most inspirational Indian figure for me. The way he forsaw the need to change India lie in the roots — its future generation and went about meeting millions of youngsters to inspire them is a story that belongs to true folklore.

How he changed my life :
The Missle man and Peoples President remains a tough act to follow for anyone. His interviews, his books, his quotes, his life has demonstrated to me the importance of hard work, knowledge, persistence, work ethic and simplicity in leading ones life. Not to forget that he is a real Indian hero who made us feel proud of being one.

The future of India — why we need a HERO :

Why India needs a HERO ?

The future of India — why we need a HERO :

During my last visit to China i was so much surprised and taken aback by how every average Chinese has been involved in Nation building. They have charted a path of how individuals can contribute to the progress and success of the nation. Every citizen knows his role which like millions of droplets form the mighty ocean of progress that is China. This for me meant great leadership translating into a great nation.

As i looked at leaders and personalities in India, I hardly found any towering leader in politics at the moment. A leader who can inspire every Indian and take the nation along its predestined path of greatness.

We are one of the greatest civilisations which seems to have lost its path during the mid way. We need a leader who can redeem it back to greatness. Someone whom all the 1.3 Bn Indians can rally behind.

Are we destined to get someone like this? Whether be it business or sport or politics — do we have someone who can shape the future of India. More than with any other profession, the goal of National redemption is only possible with the power enjoyed by politicians. Is there anyone who can rise to the occasion and tell us the words with which Netaji inspired his generation “Give me your blood and i will give you Azaadi??”

Well …. someone spoke of “Progress as a national agenda” and also about “cleaning up the home (including ganges)”. Watch out for the a new promising leader on whom nation has trusted its next 5 years. Hope we all find our longawaited HERO IN HIM.

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