0x, Dharma & imToken Join WalletConnect

Open economic infrastructure & a popular wallet are joining us

WalletConnect is a simple way for web-based dapps to talk to mobile wallets. We want to make it easier for people to interact with decentralised applications (or dapps) that run on protocols such as Ethereum. Our hope is that WalletConnect will become an open, inter-operable standard which will benefit dapp developers and their customers. Bluetooth was an industry effort to make short-range wireless connectivity simpler. We want WalletConnect to be an industry effort to make wallet connectivity simpler.

Bluetooth helps objects work together. WalletConnect will help dapps and wallets work together.

We have made a lot of progress since we announced the project:

We are happy to announce several new partnerships today. All of these teams are buidling amazing tools on top of Ethereum.

Our goal for 2018 is to get 5 wallets and 50 dapps to support WalletConnect.

At that point, we hope that the network effects will kick into play and everyone will want to work together.

Mobile Wallet: imToken

The mobile Ethereum wallet imToken is based in Asia and is growing really fast. We are delighted to partner with them as we buidl out WalletConnect.

imToken been downloaded over 3.7 million times.

In many Asian countries, using QR codes for login or payments is already very common occurrence. We are happy to have imToken bringing this WalletConnect to the biggest user base in the crypto wallet space.

Ethereum-powered Exchange: 0x

The team at 0x have been cheering us on from day one. They have created a protocol to help teams create decentralised exchanges (DEXs) for ERC-20 tokens. These exchanges are known as Relayers. One of the most popular relayers is Radar Relay. We hope to take the trading experience up a notch when WalletConnect is ready for mainstream.

Place a trade on your desktop. Confirm it on your phone.

Traders could connect the wallet on their phone to RadarRelay exchange using WalletConnect. Then when they want to make a trade, it will send a push notification to the phone and present a pop-up to confirm the transaction.

Redesigning Debt: Dharma

The system developed by the team at Dharma allows teams to create debt agreements that live on Ethereum. This will allow anyone to design better interfaces for lending and borrowing.

Simple and understandable loans.

Our plan is to help debt relayers and consumer interfaces running on Dharma benefit from WalletConnect. We want to make it easier for people to borrow money or lend it to someone else.

We are not shilling a token

We want to make it really clear that we do not see a need for a token in the WalletConnect protocol. We just want to make useful connective tissue for the industry. Although we kicked this project off, we do not want to profit from it directly. At Balance, our mission is to design an Open Source Bank for everyone. WalletConnect is one of the pieces we built out to help us get a little closer to that goal.

Want to help us?

Join the developer Telegram (http://t.me/walletconnect) or community Spectrum (https://spectrum.chat/balance/walletconnect). If you are a dapp developer, we would love to get your feedback on the code: