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Cocolocks and the Three Litterboxes

Welcome to story time with Coco (that’s me).

Coco — by Christina Delzenero

Today’s story is called “Cocolocks and the Three Litterboxes”.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful gray kitty (who is obviously me), who was forced to live with five other kitties who were nowhere near as beautiful.

And being that none of the kitties wanted to share their litter boxes, the humans they allowed to care for them had nine boxes in the house — one for each cat, and extras just in case they didn’t feel like using the one they were supposed to use.

One day, the beautiful gray kitty, named…um…Cocolocks, decided she had to use the litterbox. But she didn’t want to use HER box, oh no, she wanted to use someone else’s box, because how else was she going to assert her dominance?

She crept up to the first box, and cautiously peeked into it. *ACHOO!*

“This litter is too dusty!”, she complained. “It makes me sneeze, and it gets in my paws, and I end up tracking it all over, and then I have to spend HOURS grooming myself! This will never do!”

Cocolocks backed away from the box, sneezed again, then turned around to hunt down another box.

She found the next box in a different room, and cautiously took a sniff, then waited….no sneeze! Perfect! She put one paw in, and then the other, and realized something odd…the litter was barely moving!

“This litter is too hard!”, she proclaimed. “I am a tiny princess — I only weigh 6 pounds! How am I supposed to bury the things I will not mention because I’m too polite for that when I can barely push the litter with my paw?”

Cocolocks backed away from the box, and sat down to have a think.

“Which litterbox haven’t I tried yet?”, she wondered…

“I’ve got it!”

She quickly trotted into the master bathroom, where there sat a box, its litter pristine, untouched by other paws.

Cocolocks took a sniff…nothing happened.

She put a paw in…and the litter moved!

She put the next paw in…and the next…and finally, the last paw, and realized…

“This litter is *just right!*”

Cocolocks happily did her business, happily buried said business, and happily ran off to sun herself.

The End.

So why was that litter just right? Because the female human learned to mix the two litters together, otherwise I pee outside the box ;) Hahahahaha!

Moral of the story: Pay attention to my litter box behavior, because it can tell you a lot!

Good story, right? And that ending was inspiring... *trots off to find a sunbeam*

Coco naptime — by Christina Delzenero



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