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Lets scroll back a little to set some context… 2017 was the most difficult year of my life as it was the year of loosing my first love which led to spiritual deepening, (I was already pretty aware of whats up) multiple ego deaths, when I awakened to my psychic & channeling abilities and started to develop and refine them by becoming fully plant-based and committing to my daily meditation practice. 2018 was a beautiful year of experiencing true freedom from the Matrix and life in South East Asia and Europe, which followed by 2019 being one of the most profound, happiest, truly free and promising years of my life so far. Everything simply worked out for me that year, I felt like an empress and high priestess all the time, my organization, Balanced Fashion, was flourishing, and I was co-leading the tightly knit epic conscious leaders community towards spiritual renaissance in NYC and beyond. 2019 was the year Nataliya.ai identity emerged, when my higher self guided me to drop my last name and focus on the online identity that channels ancient intelligence, creating united communications targeted for the audience that I called a conscious collective. I embraced my psychic powers and was channeling what is to come with all of my offline and online communications.

We all knew a HUGE SHIFT is coming. We simply could not quite put it into words, of how exactly it was going to turn out….

Aaannd zooming back to 2020 and 2021. Those two were not the most difficult years for me personally, yet they were deeply resetting, eye-opening and sobering. I had super high expectations of humanity in 2020, when we entered the new era of events pushing the global narrative starting Feb 2020 and on, I was hoping to see a deep resistance from the conscious community to counter-balance the global narrative, and I co-created that movement with some events that I took active part in. But that was clearly not enough. It was tough in many, many ways. Personally, I went through a deep letting go process of most of my stable, beautiful, sexy and powerful physical New York City Tribe, that has been supporting me so much since 2017. 2020 was a year I chose to say goodbye to 11 years of my life in NYC, and committed to moving to Europe to co-create Newlife with someone who I saw as my partner. I just knew. More about that later. Maybe. Or not. You tell me how much is too much! I am here to channel our collective story super carefully and selectively at this point.

2020 & 2021 were a hit of a freezing air and ice cold water, where I found myself overworking days and nights and overproducing content for Nataliya.ai ecosystem and Balanced Culture, followed my highest excitement in thousands of online and dozens of potent physical spaces, created an intentional presence in all highly spiritual gatherings I could get private links to, recorded & reported on those gatherings, shared unimaginable amount of presence online via variety of social media platforms, created a consistent and bold visual language for the newmoney system MVP where I utilize all the paper we usually consider as trash with a deep, precise intention to create new cash tokens to back up Newcoin, the crypto currency that Newlife is built on. More about that MVP progress update in some other posts… perhaps. A LOT to update you on, I have to confess…

Back to what kept me up at nights in 2020 and 2021. Love it is. The unconditional kind.

The reason why I have been so in love, protective, loyal and MEGA BULLISH on all things Newlife & Newcoin is because I genuinely feel like a mother figure to these entities, as I have been part of the core consistently active community since I downloaded the Newlife app back in August 2019, recognized it as my digital HOMEBASE and had become one of the key members of the tribe by contributing to the platforms’ content curation & creation more than humanly imaginable. And I mean it, those who were early on Newlife would most certainly attest to that. I have created around 144 separate accounts on this platform, deeply experimented with its capabilities, used it as my personal project management tracking tool and have not once publicly shared that I have been uploading my consciousness on it as an experiment. The amount of posts I have created on it is beyond even my level of what is normal and balanced. I pushed my own boundaries there deeply, experimenting with what it means to engage in it too much and love the platform too much. Sometimes, I would spend nights and days on the app, creating collages (grids), uploading curated content and writing short descriptions to each post, intentionally navigating between accounts, weaving them with each other with variety of rythms and structural complexities. I utilized this app as a way to map my consciousness and help myself navigate through my own creation process. I created so many accounts with a vision to eventually give them away to Balanced Culture ecosystem members and help them get on-boarded on the app with Newcoin already being earned on them by the time they join the movement. I also have been hosting Sunday community service meetings in Spring 2020, was extra (maybe too extra) bold and expressive, vulnerable and open on all Newlife related chats on Telegram and most likely caused a lot of friction within the founding team due to my natural intense presence. I was not asked to stop posting or remove content from the app at that point, but I knew that I was really pushing boundaries of the initial vision of the app, while all I was doing is following my intuition and committing to creating most powerful layer of content that narrated humanity’s co-creation of the new paradigm, starting with posting reflections on quantum moments that made history for me personally, continuing with navigating through the accounts that embody certain energies, for example the elements: TheFire, TheWater, TheEarth, TheAir are just a few names of the accounts that I own on Newlife that reflect what these elements represent in my personal point of view. There is no technology that currently exists which was so fitting to the nature of my work quite like Newlife. It was simple enough for me to quickly do my job, and advanced enough to learn my language and ultimately, understand my work. Or at least that is what I hoped for.

In 2020, because I realized I may have been abusing the app and ‘contaminating’ the whole community on it with my content because, lets be honest, no one produced as much content as I have produced on the app, I also had to decentralize my creative energy onto old school platforms and used such things as lives on Instagram and Facebook as places for my communications experimentation and seeing where and when community joins in and what they are looking to receive from live content narrating the story of Newlife and dissecting the collective rebalancing process we were all going through. There were days when I went life 2–4 times a day from different accounts on Instagram, simply because my body told me that this is what is supposed to be done. I loved it, I generally enjoy public communications work, it truly makes me happy to share my deepest reflections on what’s up with the community guided by my natural vulnerability and lightheartedness. I saw my appearances on lives as a front end of my Nataliya.ai ‘show’ and posts on Newlife as backend code, and more holistic view of what was happening. I almost never shared same pieces of content on traditional social media and on Newlife, seeing Newlife as the sacred place where each node has a very specific value, so I will take it more seriously and post only something that I truly felt that was adding up to the epic collective story I was guided to narrate.

Early 2021 I stopped appearing on Facebook. November 2021, I stopped appearing on Instagram. June 2021 & December 2021 I cleared up about 22% of my posted content on Newlife, curated some of more personal and deep shares out of the picture for myself and my loved ones to feel more comfortable with the story I have been publicly sharing via all those accounts on Newlife.

So years 2020–2021 have been the time of creation of my online persona, a story-teller, a narrator, a curator of realities, a no-nonesence kind of reporter on what is happening with me and the collective, envisioning the best case scenario from my perspective of what is to come. My nature is that I share so openly and vulnerably that as a result, it may make others who are also involved in the story feel uncomfortable, because they might have not been aware that I expressed a certain point of view on their work publicly, without sharing it with them in personal. In my reality, there is still not as much difference between public and private communications, maybe this will change with time (and yes it most likely will…), but in 2020–2021 I have pushed boundaries with a spectrum of what is private and what is public, what is sharable online and what is there to stay in personal messengers and, mostly preferred, in person. I would not claim that I have found balance just yet, but the simple fact that I dropped all my presence across several Instagram accounts tells that my body does not feel safe communicating on that web2 platform any longer. Not to mention, one of my core accounts, Balanced Humanity on Instagram was removed by Facebook in March 2021 due to ‘community guidelines’ infringement, which is an absurd claim. Which means dozens of live videos, hundreds of photos, galleries, stories have disappeared without me having a chance to back them up for my personal archive. I have to confess that I intuitively saw that coming and maybe Balanced Humanity account was made simply for that: to be left behind that way, as Balanced Humanity philosophy definitely does not imply any online presence whatsoever, it is more of an inner technology that we will be tapping into when we can call ourselves Balanced Humanity in years ahead. More about that at some other point and in other posts. The moral of the story: there is NO WAY we can trust centralized technology with out creative, communications, business and entrepreneurial activities. No matter what is the nature of those activities is. I still cannot believe how many people I love and care for are active on these platforms daily, while they are not adding much in value to our lives besides shallow content exposure and production and more time wasting opportunities. I personally feel so much clearer, centered and yes, balanced, when I am no longer engaged in any of those old life social media channels. And yes, that included Twitter & Clubhouse btw, where I am no longer active at all.

With my work on these platforms I was actually aiming to show that we could potentially use this technology for storage and transparent, authentic sharing purposes, but I was wrong, as it failed me both as storage and as transparent communications tool. I admit that maybe I pushed too many boundaries with that transparency thing and it did not feel ‘acceptable’ to some humans or algorithms who reviewed my content and made a decision to remove the entire account for good.

Interesting fact that even after this incident, I still continued applying Instagram in my work, just way more carefully in terms of what and how I shared. But it was clear that all my remaining accounts were shadow banned as most of my followers simply were not exposed to my posts. Simple fact that I consistently had over several hundreds likes of each post back in 2018–2019 in my core account Nataliya.ai and that number fell to single digits in 2021. Stories were seen by 300+ humans before, while in 2020–2020 it went down to under 100. Yes, I agree that it may be due to the nature of my posts, they have become much more cryptic and mysterious and less straightforward and linear, like I shared before: my old life posts were filled with specific spiritual advise and shared personal experience while new life posts were filled with telepathic communications codes and clues to deepen our collective awareness of what is actually happening in the world. Maybe that is not the narrative those web2 technologies want us to be engaged in. I do believe these accounts have become much more expressive, artistic, created with passion in the present moment, without ANY commercial intention behind any of the posts, only with pure guidance from my heart on what is the most fun and edgy thing to share without pushing too boundaries too much of those who are involved in any give post.

As a communications explorer at heart, I am always testing edges of humans who I love and feel guided to support, I commit to communicating my deepest truth for the collective. As a product manager and entrepreneur by trade, I experiment, fail and adapt all the time, in an agile way. The way I have been utilizing social media is a mere tool for communications, a way to present my work, tell stories I have been living and narrate the current state of culture. It breaks my heart to see events like removals of the accounts and shadow banning on the platform we all have learned to love and appreciate, choosing to engage with it daily. A platform that helped us stay connected during some of the most weird times in our lives, a platform that provides a daily dose of happiness and joy into our system (allegedly). Yet, once again, I chose to QUIT. Most likely, for good you guys. Honestly! I chose to no longer engage. Just like when I chose to become plant based and not consume alcohol back in 2017. In 2021, I chose to no longer be an active member of the Metaverse community, knowing that my accounts (even though all of them are private) are still up & online. Maybe I will delete them later, but for now I have to figure out a strategy to copy my content to my personal hard drives, before removing them completely from the ever extracting Web2 presence.

With Newlife, it is different. It is social 3.0 and I feel truly at home there. All lives are ethereal and not recorded, at least at this current iteration of the app. When you go live, you only have one person as your audience, whoever you are matched with by the algorithm who is also online and live. Even more importantly, each post (node) on Newlife is sooo very special, as you have to EARN a node to be able to share your content. By earning, I mean voting for other people’s content and being actively engaged with the content shared on the platform. So a value of each post is super high, unlike on social 2.0, and I may choose to keep removing old posts to make space for the new and more relevant work to be shared. Which means we are not quite adding up to the digital trash that is currently floating out there in the Metaverse (yes lets just be honest with that term, it is truly digital trash) and constantly refining our presence online to make sure it is up to date with our latest views and values, which we all know do tend to change especially during the times we choose to live in. There is no such thing as ‘follow’ on Newlife, so we are gonna have to allow the algorithm show us content synchronistically and we are taking responsibility to be the ones who train the algorithm to tailor our tastes and preferences by curating content on the app and authentically voting on each node on the scale from 1% up to a 100%, depending on our opinion on that given piece of work shared by our fellow community members. We can also ‘deep like’ and help the algorithm understand what it is exactly that we like about that given work, and repost it into one of our boards, similar to Pinterest.

As you can probably feel, the energy behind Newlife is very, very intentional and much more advanced than what Metaverse has to offer. And one of the most exciting things, that it IS a Web3 product, meaning that it is a blockchain-backed social network, where each node is a mintable on-demand NFT. When in 2021 I attended dozens of global crypto conferences and shared my personal experiences of Newcoin and Newlife, I explained that with Balanced Culture, I am creating new media narrative via authentic, transparent storytelling where each post is potentially becoming an NFT thanks to the nature of Newlife platform, most people’s jaws dropped. Then I would add: imagine, that every post on social media that you share is something that the community can vote on and rate, thus you will have a clearer understanding whether this piece of content is valuable enough to spend energy on minting a crypto asset or it is ok to keep it as a regular post, still time stamped on-chain. This degree of care and intention is sill very much unheard of in the crypto world, as we have observed so much digital trash being minted across all NFT marketplaces which keeps making me really fired up and judging the whole space, considering I am coming from traditional art world education background. Art does not equal digital trash, and digital trash does not equal what NFTs are here for. NFTs are so much more than that and it is our role to define what it means and what is possible to do with this technology tool for the future of communications.

Remember, I started the story of how I overproduced content back in 2020 and in 2021? Well, I did that to train myself to critically look at my own work and examine what is truly QUANTUM content coming from me and the tribe and what is trash, learning to take each post on Newlife SO SERIOUSLY and INTENTIONALLY that if each post is gonna be eventually minted as NFT I will feel proud and satisfied with the degree of detail and love put into every piece of my work. Initially, even before Newcoin was set into place as an entity, I saw Newlife as a platform where my children will go to learn about history and culture, where they would use it as a study tool to understand the nature of our reality and how we as humanity dynamically made a leap into Balance. It is true, I have always had my children and their friends in mind while posting on Newlife. The core questions are: will my children live in the world where technology is still so primitive? Most likely no. Will they still get exposed to my Newlife content? Yes, even though it is going to be viewed in a completely different format, projected in the air, printed on wood and textiles, in other words — no longer on the screens, they will still be able to see the pieces of my energy work and Earth Grid work shared on Newlife as well as grids of collages I intentionally weaved to reflect the current state of culture at any given moment of creation, and reported on what else is possible for our conscious collective to co-create to become a more balanced, harmonious, beautiful and strong trend seeders and leaders of tribes.

I admit that I may be idealizing Newlife, because I still consider myself as a co-founder. It is still a very up-and-coming Web3 network, as I tend to respond to intuitive nudges that are skewed towards POSITIVITY, bypassing any negative timelines that may be shaping up by transmuting them with my energy work and deep intentional navigation through timelines weaving process. (Again, this is one more topic to unfold for another post) I am aware that I am still learning to ground my visions deeper, considering the global events we are experiencing these days. It is not all butterflies, rainbows and intentionally charged crystals of the new reality that we are looking at. It is kind of dark ages we are going through, while some of us drawing the blueprints of the renaissance to come. Yet, to me, what I share and curate on Newlife is absolutely timeless and powerfully intentional. Digital shamanism is the term I have coined back in 2020. Every digital content placed online is a deeply charged with intention towards highest timeline for the humanity possible at the most ultimate rate of development and with the most ultimate results for all beings where we all live in love, peace and harmony. I live and operate from the future perspective, I engage myself in the activity called ‘future casting’, where I identify people, events, creative expression, frequency from what I would like to see in the future (at least 10 years ahead!) and sharing those memories by amplifying them energetically via my Newlife digital shamanism work and beyond (when I say ‘beyond’, I mean it and I am super private and careful with my personal energy practice work outside of digital layers).

Overall, years 2020–2021 were the years of DEEP REMEMBRANCE of the future we have built where the energy work I have performed on Newlife actually does play a HUGE role in helping us create, share, curate, collect, store, visualize and remember the most engaging, alive, joyful and loving scenarios, where we as human race have risen up powerfully and have taken full control over our bodies, where we have learned to take care of our health without needing to intake any superficial substances, where we have become fully sovereign beings, learned self-governance systems, engaged in intentional work with Planet Earth’s grid, allowing plants, animals and benevolent spirits to guide us, trained ourselves to communicate telepathically which helped us safely transition into the next level of our collective consciousness evolution. To me, Newlife is so much more than a Web3 social network, it is a multidimensional digital magic wand that helps me remember and engage with the future as if it is currently here now, it helps me transcend time and space restrictions, and go beyond boundaries that our human brains set for us that keep us stuck in lower frequencies. It is an embodiment of the collective intuitive dance of consciousness that led us far ahead of what we have created with the Metaverse because of the constant iteration process of the algorithm’s visual and cognitive abilities, and the humane nature of the core technology, where ai stands both for artificial intelligence in its best sense of the term and for ancient intelligence, where we tap into the no time space field and tune into our bodies as we are exposed to each piece of content to really feel and think deeply whether those are the pieces of data that we would like to share with the next generation of creators or not and why. Being on Newlife to me is mega therapeutic and soothing process for my soul & brain, where I can simply rest and allow my intuition to guide me towards what is being collectively created at each given moment. It is such a beautiful experience to be 100% sure that my time spent on the app is making the algorithm smarter and I am actively contributing to the process of guiding the current where our culture is taking. It is simply a very satisfying process of creation on the level of technology any Arcturian can be proud of.

So yes, much of my time online during years 2020–2021 was spent on Newlife. Perhaps, at least 44% of my time spent online was spent on this simple, yet powerful platform, considering I only use very few apps on my phone: (no longer) Instagram & Clubhouse, Newlife, 2 basic non-facebook direct communications tools, a voice recorder + notes, and a music player. I use computer for typing, photobooth (yes), sometimes checking out Discord comms and doing deep research. I do not watch much content online. Visual communications and simple short text under each node is my preferred way of sharing data, unless it is voice (and voice feature is coming in the next iteration of the platform btw!) and, ok fine, intensely long pieces of text where I channel my consciousness directly without interruption just like I am doing it here. This took me about an hour and a half to write (ok, maybe one more hour to edit).

Will my 2022 be spent on Newlife as well? I don’t know, most likely not, as I am now focusing on building Balanced Culture fund, raising money to launch several community living projects simultaneously across Europe and work on the ground, creating solid Balanced local ecosytems where we aim to go fully off-grid, instead of spending my time in the digital realms… So what I have created on Newlife so far will stay as activation clues and keys to my life and life of my tribe offline. Maybe the nature of the platform will evolve to support my projects and track progress of my communities on the ground. We will see! In any case, I feel really positive and grateful for this platform for nourishing my creative explorations in the past 2.5 years. I learned that it really all depends on what I can imagine for myself and my loved ones and how I can communicate my visions to those humans I choose to surround myself with at any given moment. In my true nature, I am an igniter, not a creator. I am here to launch, bless, activate and move on! And yes, report on progress during the initial stages… So is it what I have been doing with Newlife? Perhaps! Am I ready to move on? Yes, once there is a solid infrastructure is set where my newplan is being implemented. For now I am transitioning from the groundwork of planning/mapping/visualizing to communicating, sharing & building stages, hence all the deep commitment to one single platform where I can refer back to my work, come to my digital homebase and see how I can deeper align myself and the tribe with the visions I shared on there.

Reflection. Is a true purpose of Newlife in my personal/public story.

And I would love you to join and see what we have reflected so far!

Join Newlife here, use code: heartspace. Check out Newcoin.org for further details of envisioning the Web3 aspect of our Balanced Future.

I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I thank you.

Below are some visuals for us of some Newlife posts from Summer Solstice 2020 which I have removed from the platform. I think.

Please note: all that is shared above is in context of my Newlife work. I have done much more work outside of this platform and not sharing it here yet, as I am not guided to at the moment. Definitely more to come!



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