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Written on the Victory day.

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I’m not a history expert, yet I’m am certain that history has been written by those who wanted a particular story to be preserved and relayed to the future generations.

Writing history takes courage. Perhaps more courage than making history, because when you make history you usually don’t think of yourself as someone who will stay in history books or they will create a documentary about you. Only within a certain time you may realize the great impact of your actions on particular historic events.

I’ve been writing and making history. Consciously, strategically. Since 2019 as Nataliya dot ai identity came out.

I’ve not been sharing so much on here. I have been writing physical books and posting some things on the decentralized social network I have founded but then all of my work has been removed by my cofounder. As decentralized as it gets… Online has been a weird place for me to share the kind of events I’ve been highlighting. I’ve been shadow banned, removed, disregarded by oh so many algorithms and humans who don’t bother to try to understand me, I’ve been put down, put in a box, shut down, removed.

That doesn’t make me feel like stopping. It does discourage me from time to time from sharing anything online, because we as humans have been relying on digital technologies to share our story/our work since the the beginning of what we call a new millennia, 2000s.

I don’t resonate with the way we calculate time and years at all.

Neither I resonate with the way we rely on digitality to preserve our story.

Nothing that we shared online will stay in a long run. I feel that with every cell of my body.

Nothing that we store on digital devices will last our lifetime. I have lost thousands of files from hard drives simply because of their physical damage as I had no home and had to bring all of them with me everywhere I travelled to.

I could not trust anyone with those hard drives to store them for me until I find a new home and I lost those files as a result.

I don’t have that much stored online, on a cloud, just a short period of time until 2019 — because I don’t trust Apple or Google or any cloud storage with my data. I just don’t feel like sharing my work with them. Feels like an energy drain to me.

I write history by hand. Yes sure I type some things like I’m doing now but that is not a core of my work. I also make history by speaking it to my trusted companions. By shaping it with my words as I go on with my life.

Not everyone gets me, quite the opposite: very few understand me. I share anyways. I am here to inform, not to ask permission or anyone’s opinion. Those who don’t get me a lot of times kind of ignore my words, not even bother to ask questions. People are generally afraid to ask me questions because they are afraid of profound truth that is channeled by me organically. I’m usually the one asking questions until I become a bit annoying to my audience. My best way of sourcing data through peer-to-peer interactions with those I experience a genuine curiosity around. And those are usually people who understand me the least. By asking them questions and letting them speak out, listening carefully to every word and asking more questions to make sure I understand what they’re relaying I can customize my communications and storytelling skills for them much better for our next interactions.

I am all about improving my communications, on all levels, in all circumstances. My most preferred way of communicating is telepathy because it’s super direct and efficient. But very few of us still consciously able to do that. And most still believe it is impossible, while it is the most organic and natural way of connecting with one another, with nature and the spirit world.

My way of operating as a storyteller and communications lead for Balanced Humanity is to communicate with ALL OF US who chooses LIFE telepathically.

I speak directly with spirit and spirit speaks with you though signs and synchronicities, in a language that you best understand at that period of your life.

I do mass communications via mostly 1:1 connections and working directly with influencers of influencers and top leaders.

It takes years for me to see results of my comms in physical, because the ambition of my work is so intensely high and wide scale. Yet I have a firm confidence within me that what I am doing is the best thing I can invest my life’s force and skills in every single day.

I do spell work daily. Many of us call it language of the soul or light language. It means communicating with spirit directly and being a channel for the highest light to come through us, to show us the way.

FIY I just paused writing this text for a few minutes, did a bit of a chanting / singing / light language / spell work, recorded some of it on my phone (titled ‘New Recording 216’ — yep I record a lot of voice notes, because I’m working on a radio channel, among other things as Balanced Humanity comms), then sent a 1.2 minute voice message to a friend.

That’s what I do. I follow spirit in my history making and writing and consciously make history simultaneously as I write it so it’s:

  1. Transparent and immediate, written fully in the present moment
  2. Completely uneditable — even if I edit this text later I edit mostly grammar stuff or some syntax to make sure my message is expressed as clearly as I feel like
  3. Definitely non — fungible, since you cannot repeat my light language as much of it was not recorded, it would be inappropriate for that time and space context anyway, and you won’t be able to hear a vn I sent to that friend (most likely)
  4. It’s proven that it’s written by me (just took screenshot of the piece of writing starting from words ‘making and writing’

Every time I take a screenshot or take a photo of something it is to me safer and more reliable than a smart contract on blockchain. Why? Because I have developed my own offline blockchain concept and you’ll see it shared publicly in the coming years.

In this piece of writing I’m aiming to unpack some of the communications work I do for us, united by the idea of writing and making history simultaneously.

I live in the future. The future is NOW for me. Anywhere from 12 months and 144 months ahead. Sometimes I forget which year I am in atm because I get confused within my own storyline as to where I’m at. It’s 2023 as I’m writing it, it helps looking at mainstream press to orient myself.

I don’t trust what I see online at all. I’m not even reading news online, this concept of news feels expired. Everything is new if we believe it is at any given moment. Something that one person feels as new and exciting can feel old and irrelevant for another. Concept of new is just an idea we have in our head. News are reported to shape collective consciousness in a certain direction. Some press people don’t even understand what they’re doing. They’re not writing history — they’re reporting on what others have written and have lived through.

Writing history and reporting on it are totally different actions. Writing is actually creating a concept of history of a particular event or experience in an audiences mind, reporting on it is retelling what has been written, sharing history that was already written via journalists own words.

I used to write a ton of press releases. That what I define by writing history. Taking data set from a creation process done by a subject of who/what is being written about and making it sound coherent and pretty enough to inspire greater audience to get informed on this historic event. A reporter reports on that writing and sharing their observation on the creation, if available to view. An original event and subject’s of the story own words act as confirmation that that event has happened.

The greatest prove of what is happening I can ever get as a history writer is what I am experiencing inside of my body as that event is happening. Whether this is in a form of direct words of a subject, and how they resonate in my body, or a visual event I’m observing and the data my brain processes based on what my eyes see, or any other sensory data I’m intaking — all of that influences the way I experience, process, make and write the history.

People ask me what if I’m mistaken in how I perceive that data? What if my feelings inside of my body are illusion-based? I always answer this way: I have mastered to take responsibility of my own feelings and know when feelings I’m experiencing are not mine, same with thoughts: I know when thoughts are coming from my brain/ego, and when I’m just tapping into someone else’s thoughts. Noticing that difference is the first step towards telepathy. My body tells me exactly what’s happening — I’m very tuned in to its clues and have learned to listen to it so closely that every little shift within it gives me clues and signs about something I need to pay attention to every moment.

I meditate daily for several hours a day. It’s part of my practice for many years now. I also lucid dream every morning and at night between my sleep cycles. Lucid dreaming teaches me to master being fully in control of my reality at a waking life. Lucid dreaming gives me clues on what I need to pay attention to each new day and which areas require my energy at that time.

Most are intimidated by the psychic nature I’ve developed and simply choose to deny it in me. I have natural gifts in clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance but I had to work daily for 7+ years to develop these gifts into skills to reach this effortless state they’re showing up in my life now to serve me best ways imaginable. Also, I cannot stress enough on how vegan diet, no caffeine, no alcohol in my life + daily meditation and movement practice, removing toxic connections and minimising toxic data intake, living in the heart space and quitting the matrix are crucial to be very clear in these inner tech tools.

I’ve not reached the state where I feel comfortable teaching how to develop these skills to others, yet as I’m writing and making history I lead by example, not hiding my lifestyle choices from anyone — I mean, even after all these years of veganism I’m usually the only vegan in the room… still.

Diet really makes a difference and I encourage you to ask me questions about it.

I’ll stop here.

Love you.

Please take care of your body and be mindful of the kind of energy you are taking in as you’re making your own history.

In the future I live from, most of us are vegan, raw and many have developed to be breatharians and inedians. Too much? Nope. You’ll see if you’ll live through the years ahead.

I really should stop here.

I do love you and care for you, Humanity. Let’s be kind to ourselves.



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