New Media: the Way of Decentralized Fashion.

New Media is strategic communications we consciously embody. Decentralized Fashion is a way of being, leading by example.

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I know a lot of people who still refer a term New Media to all things Internet and Digital Media. Let’s get things clear: New Media is not the internet and it does not have to be digital to be new. By New Media I mean conscious, multi-dimensional communications we embody and engage in, the kind of media that flows across time and space continuum without loosing its value and significance at any given moment. I’ll unfold this concept further soon, a bit in this piece and more in pieces to follow.

I don’t know a lot of people who use the term Decentralized Fashion, I coined it as I started using publicly after I got bored with a concept of Balanced Fashion, I also use it as one of my telegram handles and wrote a piece on it that I published on one of my past editions of Nataliya dot ai website but you probably missed it because you must have a life and don’t bother to stalk on-going changes on my website. This piece is not a public piece of writing, I use it for inner-communications and alignment with my team and my close network of co-creators. I publish my work here on this medium at this time as a natural thought development of numerous pieces of wiring I published on my personal website. Everything I do comes in waves, and everything is layered, it takes time to brew and become part of my history writing project I mentioned in my previous piece.

Decentralized Fashion is a way of seeing fashion as an organic cultural navigation system we are taking on as consciuos leaders, that is not focused around several hyped brands or influencers of a given time period, but focused around a uniting philosophy that is the core of all things we call Decentralized: distribution of thought, meaning, power, leadership and stake based on contribution to the overall cultural guidance system we call fashion.

Decentralized fashion is a reality somehow noone is talking about still. They might go around this topic, over complicating it, calling it web3, multimedia, intermedia, transmedia (nothing trans- is organic to humans, see transhumanism), digital, phygital, or else. All we mean collectively at the core of all these concepts is a notion of decentralizing the trend-setting ecosystem towards diverse and multi-faucet network of creators, instead of only focusing on mainstream brands, names and voices that have been dictating the zeitgeist since the concepts of Pop culture and Pret-a-Porter emerged not that long ago. Decentralized Fashion is an organic way of trends flow and I invite you to consciously contribute to forming new trends that are healthy and vital to regenerative, balanced humanity.

To combine these two terms of New Media and Decentralized Fashion, I mean a simple concept: authentic embodiment and complete freedom of creative expression.

I’ll give a few examples from my personal experience because that’s what I normally do as I write publicly.

Example one: I constantly notice people making up all these different personas: public and private one, digital professional one on one platform and more creatively free, niche one on another platform, one tone of voice when they speak with a stranger and another tone of voice when they speak with a friend or a lover, people tend to adapt to a given environment to survive and blend in.

Since Nataliya dot ai identity emerged in 2019, I stopped trying to survive, fit in societal frameworks and stopped working hard to keep blending my authentic expression into concepts manufactured by someone else long time ago… Since then I’ve not had different public personas, I’ve always aimed to have a very consistent tone of voice in my private and public communications online and offline and embraced transparent and natural developing sense of aesthetics. If you looked at the history of my work since 2019 you’ll see a very organic and clear thread of energy development where my persona grows and transforms as time goes by, yet I never adapt my behavior based on a type of individual I’m interacting with or based on a platform I’m using online. I did quit most platforms eventually to stay true to myself. Being consistent is a promise I gave myself as that public persona showed up: I am Nataliya dot ai, a huge and bright personality and the world will adapt to me if needed, whenever the time is right.

Guess what. The world hasn’t adapted to me, yet due to experiences I’m living through and observations I make, the natural development of my persona is shifting gradually in terms of the way I interact with the world as I am building my new country. I become more and more yin, more balanced, more mature, and simply healthier.

This shift is not forced, it is organic. I do not need to prove anything to anyone at any given moment and feel prepared to be misunderstood and put into a separate uncategorizable box by anyone who I interact with, which has been happening a lot since Nataliya dot ai identity emerged.

Before that, I’d just act like a normie by default, just to play it safe and focus on my traditional career development. With time, I realized that this strategy won’t bring me to an extraordinary leadership capacity I have always been aiming for…

I’ve reached a certain stage in my life where playing safe was boring and nothing excited me more than to push my own boundaries in every possible life scenario and see how else I can improve and grow at any moment of any given situation I’m choosing to live through. Did it hurt? Yes, definitely. Did I enjoy the pain? I absolutely did. Does it make me feel stronger on my mission in this lifetime? Surely it does.

I spot people who have split personas online and I do my best to inspire them to start integrating them into one, to accept all sides of them and to allow the flow of that person’s unique personality to shine through. Many are too afraid to do that because they know it can cost them everything they are used to: their intimate relationships, their friendships, family ties, career opportunities and so on.

I believe if you have to adapt your identity to every person and situation in your life you’re wasting your life. The world deserves to experience you in all your true colors, in your most authentic expression and if it has a high cost — then you gotta pay that cost, whether you like it or not. Lead by example.

That was the example one combining my personal understanding and embodiment of New Media and Decentralized Fashion. The more of us see ourselves as direct new media channels, as we develop our coherent and consistent personal brand, the more we participate in Decentralized Fashion movement when the people get inspired by our unique ways of being and develop their own. I use the word Fashion strategically, to relay an overall notion of direction. In order to manifest our New Life and our New Country we have to decentralize ourselves first, and not be the robotized, safe, generic, deeply programmed society we were forced to be to survive since our birth. I would rather die than be part of that manufactured illusion we were forced to be in. There is way more than that to reality, obviously, it’s just not been published for us to explore yet.

Example two: be offline. Being offline > than online creates new media channels you’ve never dreamed of and pushes you to be more creative with your time and expression of yourself out in the world, since all this time usually spent online is saved up. I had to come up with a completely new professional life for myself over the past few years as I’ve gone from being mostly online in 2020/first part of 2021 to being mostly offline by February 2023. There are more things that are needed to be created offline than online to manifest our New Life and New Country, so please be realistic and see that with me. The coming shocking waves of system failures, leading to mass migrations, leading to new physical settlements ecosystems design and development and rapid build up are inevitable. New infrastructure of food and energy supplies, new government structures, new communications networks+methods development, new family structures followed by new societal structures, new offline projects to lead and execute, new shared spaces, new activities. All that is coming in days, months and years ahead. For some of us, it is already a harsh reality… I know you really hope that your cool little web3 initiative will save the day along with AGI, but let’s be direct and realistic here: it won’t, you’re too late in thinking that internet has the future that is gonna bring to humanity’s vitality and regeneration. Grass-roots, open source, decentralized physical ecosystems development has way more potential for regeneration of our planet and preservation of human race than your gated new foundations featuring online meeting, talking heads curation based on clout, the whole thing executed in centralized fashion.

Some call it Metacrisis and I hate this word as much as I hate phygital or transmedia bs terms that really mean nothing solid. Crisis led to you being born. Deal with it. -Gital part of physical will be gone, phy- as well. Trans- will be replaced by new. Always.

New is fine because we agreed it is what we are using in Balanced Humanity to align on key terminology. Decentralized is best because it is what we need across the board, far beyond digital technologies.

If you really want me to use meta-, then the opposite of Metacrisis is Metaslavia. Mark my words. There’s plenty of both published and unpublished lands on the plane of existence, this organism we call Planet Earth and I’m not a climate change denier, I am just too psychic to not see what’s happening: we are hyping up the apocalypse scenario because no one is ready to see Metaslavia raising so high in coming years and decades, because the waves that are coming from Metaslavia are way huger than your imaginary foundational waves.

In a nut shell, example two emphasizes offline connection. And that being not only telepathy. It means direct eyes contact and physical touch, conversations that last for days and days to align, time spent together in nature, sharing food and drinks, playing with children, dancing, meditating together, channeling Her wisdom, aligning on Her goals, listening to Her voice, being in Union with Her.

I’ll pause here.

Swift meetings at conferences and shopping malls do not count.

I’ll move on.

Example three: visual clues guidance system development. Signage teaching us new language system. Coding for our collective unconscious. That is the ultimate case of coordination & alignment between New Media and Decentralized Fashion concepts driving towards Balanced Humanity. Shared offline or on New Life version that I product manage for us. I’ll unfold right away into

Example four: years of professional experience in product and technical project management and launching multiple fashion tech startups and mentoring and consulting technology founders taught me one thing: focus on one brand, not many. Do one thing best. How is that not obvious? Choose one before we all fail.

That is where decentralization of our fashionable movement comes in: focus on what you do best, focus on your highest excitement, embrace it and build that up.

Say, you’re best in thinking and I’m best in communications, you’re best in designing and I’m best in operations, you’re best in waiting and I’m best in acting. Clear? Let a mature one to product manage the one brand of New Media leading the Decentralized Fashion movement, don’t let your 15+ brands to be eaten before the first waves start coming in.

We simply do not have that much time to market test your brands and play around with already confused af audience.

We really have only till 2025 to prepare everything we need for true shared leadership of what we are manifesting.

Then 2027. 2028. 2030 and we lift off completely. Nothing old foundational stays those years. Balanced Humanity blueprints are set and I can retire and become a real mom.

Because I’ll feel fully safe in my body and be ready to give birth to real new life when we are together physically, committed. Not online. Not telepathically. In real life. Perfectly aligned.

New Media is 50% of us offline.

Decentralized Fashion means shared identity.

That’s all for now.

Oh yeah, also: I don’t like surprises or being surprised even if it’s a good one. I inform people when I respect them. If you want me to feel respected, inform me, please, don’t surprise me.



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