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My lovely loves. This is the article of the era, ok. Get ready for a ride with me, breaking the current crypto narrative!

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26 min readDec 26, 2021


Look, love I made 90 dirty fiat in like 3 months…while invested thousands of it to support our Balanced Culture Fund. This math does not add up. I am not happy how the tech is treating our crypto these days.

Why? Because I was composing this piece in my head for the past 5 years, since I dived into the crypto narrative with my own commitment by actually investing in it, not just by attending meetups and conversing about it, telling everyone that this is the future of money systems collapse process we are looking at but not actually acting on that future just yet until it got ‘hot enough’ for my ego to enter. Yes, I bought not too much Bitcoin in 2017 (as much as I could psychologically afford, considering I still chose to invest most of my savings from working at a well-backed up fashion tech marketplace towards building my business and towards tuition fees of variety of Energy Healing courses, Thai Massage, Ayurveda, Yoga teacher trainings and other forms of self therapy). It was right about the time when things started to spike up and I was like: ok, it is obviously only gonna grow from here, so let me play that game for a few years and just buy a bit of Bitcoin at 11K, because it felt like a beautiful, balanced number to jump in with, since I missed that 1k earlier that year… 2017 was an interesting year for me as much as it was for the crypto world, sometimes I feel that crypto and I are actually the same thing and are living parallel lives: that year I finally had to accept the break up and say goodbye to my long standing partner — my first love, graduated from the School for Practical Philosophy in NYC, became a turbo active member of the most awesome community in NY called PDN, aka ‘Personal Development Nerds’, started meditating daily, became fully plant-based, quit alcohol, coffee and processed sugar, launched my events series and a conscious fashion tech consulting firm, Balanced Fashion, quit the Matrix partially by quitting my full time job, went to Peru, and, yes, bought some Bitcoin for fun. Good times.

Deep dive into super private share alert below, just to built in some deeper context to my writings! Skip this following paragraph if you wanna keep reading about crypto without being exposed to my personal experience of life struggles as a psychic medium.

Look, I have always been a futurist, a channel of the highest potential for humanity, a medium of the spirit world. I was born with a Grand Water Trine in my Astrological natal chart which screams: SHE READS YOUR THOUGHTS, SHE FEELS YOUR FEELINGS, SHE KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT THE FUTURE. Just ask any astrologer and you will see. I did not share this publicly until recently, because sometimes one should be able to show a back up of those claimed psychic skills, like a passport, so people feel a bit more comfortable around me and simply accept that I am their deepest reflection when I feel like being one. Professional ballroom dancer scoring top scores on competitions left and right, 15 year-old fashion designer… I was part of the a golden youth aka ‘mazhor’ style socialite scene in Moscow in my mid to late teens, followed by moving to London and, later, to NY, I was so overwhelmed by the amount of data and pressure I was exposed to from these intense cities and experiences there that I developed a mental health disease, bulimia. I have never shared this publicly in writing before and it is time.. in a crypto article it is… it had been one of the most deepest, darkest secrets for me for years because I simply did not have anyone I could trust for psychological support to share my condition with. Years! What happened was that instead of truly feeling the feelings and being able to communicate what I am feeling and seeing to shape a better future, I developed a habit of seeing myself as unworthy of all of those gifts, engaged in overworking and overproducing, slept 4–5 hours a night, and hated myself for anything that I failed to accomplish for a long, long time. You may ask, what does my mental health condition has to do with crypto?

EVERYTHING. What is happening currently in the crypto world is a mental health dis-ease. And I feel it with my whole body.

Let’s scroll back. 2018–2019 and much of 2020 were surprisingly blah for crypto, until October 2020 hit, as humans finally realized that any fiat currency is oh so very unstable due to the unpredictability of the overall systems of governance, healthcare, borders, restrictions, mandates, you name it! The unpredictable nature of how deep state was going to manipulate us sheep was only growing, most of us simply had to learn to meditate with it and stay focused on our Work by being in the heartspace and adapt to outer circumstances, focusing on manifesting the Alternative Reality while navigating through the given ‘rules of the game’. And yes, there was a huge demand for the Great Alternative Solution, a big systems ‘savior’ and the blockchain technology has shown its way towards the potential breath of fresh air to save the choking humanity. At least, in some people’s point of view. Not mine, but I did play in this game for a while…

Just for your info and full transparency, prepare for harsh truth:

  • I do have over 70K (I think!) on Coinbase exchange, but I do not have access to it anymore due to constantly changing phone numbers. I simply gave up honestly. I keep holding not because I WANT to hold but because there is no way for me to easily liquidate this money.
  • I do NOT own a crypto wallet. I just do not, ok stop judging me for that if you are also a crypto native. Tired of explaining myself… I tried just to user test it when NFTs were still hot in Spring 2021, but it felt like too much left brain robotic screen work to me at that point and excuse me, I do know how to create one and use it, I understand the benefits of it, I am simply not interested in engaging more in crypto world than I already did. Read more below.
  • I loaded some money on Binance exchange just to test it and hodl some hyped up cryptos and probably have at least several K hodled up on there, but honestly I have no idea where my seed phrase is saved at. Really. I encrypted it for myself the way that only I can un-encrypt and it will take me much effort, patience and time to do that, so for now I honestly do not give a fuck, I really do not. Maybe I should. I would rather make that money up with a couple of my psychic readings with clients who actually need that type of help to be honest than bother getting to that beast of an extra user unfriendly tech to gain access to those whatever K funds.
  • I think I opened an account somewhere else but I forgot where and have it written in one of the notebooks I did not look at for like a year. So… yep. Too much effort, guys, ok.
  • Transferred a few thousands into crypto via Revolut once I was able to, and once it has started asking for my tax ID I got turned off from that idea completely and only use Revolut as a way to pay for taxis, hodling that crypto in up to 10k or more at this point.
  • For some mystical, intuitively guided reason transferred a few hundreds into crypto on PayPal once it started to offer that option just to user test that experience, again, stopped and turned off by tax ID requirement to manipulate that money…
  • I own more Newcoin than I can possibly count, maybe someday I will find out… Right, my lovely team? And hey it is growing.
  • I own a bunch of LUKSO coins but never assigned because I did not bother to bill that company for my work back in 2019, which I should probably do. Right?
  • I own much Unit for my active community engagement, but not even sure how to calculate it. Any ideas, Unit fam?
  • I own some Polkadot for holding space in June 2020 & cutting one of the co-founders hair in Dec. 2020… I did not bill her for this. Half joking.
  • I can go on my lovely loves but maybe I should not, I have already stirred up some drama, huh.. and someone I love asked me to stop producing it. The Drama. But… do you get an idea where I am going with it? Let me share just a bit more to keep you more excited:
  • So, how about the Balanced coin produced by Nataliya.ai? Have I mentioned that before in my publicly shared writing? Well I am mentioning it now. Say hi to the most effective crypto in the whole Planet Earth that She is so, sooo thankful for. There is a lot, and more being minted each day non stop until I find a way to stop and it is oh so very DIFFERENT from any other coin out there because of a very simple fact that I am not gonna disclose right now. And if you own it, you know it is it. Lucky you. More about that in-person only.
  • The most peculiar fact is that all of it is growing y’all, for at least the next 5 years. Until 2027 things will go up. Then, by 2028 expect things to collapse dear ones because everything that we have built in terms of tech will be finished. Unless you own Balanced coin produced by Yours Truly. Mark my words, I am your crypto version of Baba Vanga, deal with it and feel free to pay me for now by transferring the ownership of your city properties for deeper psychic advice, during our 1:1. I accept 3–6 bedroom apartments and several story houses in key Balanced Culture Urban centers: Moscow, Lisbon, Athens, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, and, ok, Basel. That is what I am focusing my Balanced Culture Fund on btw. More about that later (maybe, but most likely in-person), but you got the idea.

So. I am feeling pretty well off in crypto. Whatever it means. For now. Can I pay for my passports, travels, property and food with it? Can I? Let me know if you can accept it, and then please create tech that will integrate all of the above spaces where I own it into one, and only then maybe I will pay with it. Before that, again, I am not even bothering. Hodling it is for a few more years. I will have to continue opening up businesses in locations I want to raise family in, keep negotiating my travel pricing, I will keep sharing living spaces, I will train myself to exchange food for my space holding time…All of it while keeping my practice in unconditional gifting, Burning Man style. Someone has to continue modeling it outside of Playa, amirite?!

I am just not interested in staring at the screen more than I am already doing it, ok? It is too much work, too much robotic time, too much left brain activity that makes me feel unbalanced and uncomfortable in my body, and excuse me, I am sitting here, committed to transparent af communications, typing away this piece of data so that us all can feel that that we are not along in this intense journey of over-complicating already complex. highly conceptual and as a result, elitist expired systems of monetary measurement of wealth. And I am not saying that banks are here to stay. It is quite the opposite. I think money is an expired concept of the capitalistic world that we are transcending away from and it is OUR job as conscious collective to imagine, envision, create and implement systems that are OUTSIDE of technology, based on creativity, trust, pure authentic connection with each other and unconditional love. LOVE! Yes. It will win eventually, you will see. And, I have to mention that the art of negotiation is as hot as it’s ever been! Thanks to the years of engaging in trade, this is a muscle I have very well trained. The question is: are you as good in negotiations as I am? And will you even be bothered to negotiate something where you can simply replace it with something else you already own or your good friends own? Food for thought. Lots of it. Unlimited abundance of food for thought! Maybe you can direct your brilliant brain towards that, and not towards creating this cute layer of technology that we will drop faster than you feel comfortable admitting. When your child becomes a teenager, they won’t use crypto, they will engage in a completely different systems of exchange, this is a simple and harsh truth to swallow, assuming you spend 88% of your waking life investing yourself into building tech for us all…(yes, I am directing this message to one particular person, but also to everyone who is building a ‘conscious’ crypto product, or any tech product really…)

Ok let me breathe. Back to love. Always returning to the center after a rant of that degree…

Hey I am very passionate about this topic as you can see! Because technology is my true love, I feel it I sense it I am it. Until my spiritual awakening I have always been bullish on all forms of technology advancements, up until I deeply studied and was part of the leading community creating the post-apocalyptic narrative of singularity… it is around then I realized I had to stop. When I met cyborgs and felt so off in my body around them. Remembered that we have experienced it all back in the days of late Atlantis and this integration of human and tech did not end up so well for us then… Yet, my partially Arcturian nature appreciates tech…I worked in tech since work was something I started engage myself in… I loved it when I was a teenager, simply because of the way it has been shaping culture in such peculiar ways, assisting collaboration & co-creation between humans across the world, making a world a more cozy place… at least that is how I felt back then. I grew up during the 90s, when personal computers followed by the Internet have just started to become mainstream, so I was shaping and co-creating the narrative of technology as I was shaping up as a human being. We all have played a role in it! Our collective consciousness has been agreeing on what was emerging and it is quite an interesting process to be engaged in, because it is like raising a child together, as a human collective. A child that is the technology as a whole. At the very core, I am a technology, we all are, this is just how it is. Just a much more advanced kind. More about that in my further writing work… if you learn to activate your 3D eye to receive telepathic communications from me. For now, Medium it is. Funny. How primitive we are still. Relaying on technology communicating about the fall of technology…


So, the core tech behind crypto is blockchain. Blockchain technology is set to be a protective layer of the Internet that we have been waiting for since Google, Facebook (sorry, Meta, I just cannot call you the way you are asking me to call you, you are still Facebook to me, Meta is something else, much bigger than what you are trying to become, love…) and other tech giants start to eat our souls along with all tracking all of our movements online and feeding that data to the governments, specifically deep state… the layer that is set to protect our privacy from all those hierarchical systems, the one that is obviously becoming the new logical and ever present aspect of what we agreed to call Web 3.0. Blockchain lets us decentralize and track all the activities on the internet in a way that is presumingly protected, secure and efficient. Or is it? Who is the one protecting it? All of us? What if those who are left on the internet by the time Web 3.0 is here are only humanoids, slaves of deep state? Am I going to far you flag and remove me, that is fine… I hope my message is clear tho. It is hard to hide from what is going to happen…

OK, let’s assume that Web 3.0 is safe and TRULY decentralized, led by highly conscious individuals who wish us well, build AI systems that operate for us, replace tedious human work, while we get paid for our work we have done in the past, track the source of our creations, give us cats of the money made on…what? data? or no, those conscious individuals who own the keys (read: knowledge of how to operate that open source code) to Web 3.0 infrastructure do not wanna sell our data to big corporations to eventually get into the hands of you know who…right? But what if it is hacked? By quantum computers? Maybe I should stop now…. oh fuck, look it feels like I still cannot quite buy into this narrative, even for the sake of this article to make an argument to protect the Web 3.0 good guys narrative… And let me be super blunt here: I never met a genius programmer (or tech visionary) who is truly happy and feels balanced to me. Never. I have been to many crypto conferences and experienced levels of abuse I have never ever ever ever been exposed to before, not gonna go into details but you got the gist. Not cool. I mean, not even close to acceptable… I won’t let humanoids like this to hold keys of the next layer of the internet, no matter how genius and next level super human they are in math, to me, they are not humans for touching me inappropriately and treating me like a blown up doll, being the 1% embodied woman in those conferences. This needed to publicly come out dear ones… and so that is that…

Hey, seriously it cannot get worse in my POV.

OK back to something positive. In many cases, which I personally choose to focus my crypto research on, it is used for good. But not in even 50% of cases. In most cases it is used just like any tech: to solve problems that have been manufactured by tech users themselves. Having very little to do with actual physical reality we are co-habitating in. Oh no, still didn’t get onto the positive note, what is happening…

… I was at a party the other day where an advanced internet marketing pro confessed to me that he and much of his surrounding community still perceives blockchain as solely a tool for black market transactions tied into large figure scams generation. So this is still very real for many, even though we, crypto-future-minded humans, live in a bubble of all that is being build using this technology is perfectly safe and sound because we trust humans who built it, there are still many underlining issues and variants of how this technology is being utilized. Just take a look at my story with Newlife. I abused it. I did!! Or, rather, I allowed myself to abuse myself. It did not feel good but I kept doing it to myself. Because: mental health, addiction and chase for money that did not actually exist, while my content was exposed to bots who I thought were humans. Right? Prove me wrong. In any case, I am very sad, depleted and admit that have engaged in a major form of self-harassment for 2.5 years (!!!). Just like when I had bulimia, it just manifested in a different form of addiction, even worse, because I was denying it… This article is a major confession piece, huh….

You have heard it millions of times and I will repeat it here: all technology is merely a neutral tool, and how you apply it in your life is the question you will have to keep asking and answering for yourself. Again and again, until you feel there is time to step out and see what else is possible… Because technology can be oh so addicting…

The reason I am finally inspired to sit down and write down my stream of consciousness on this topic of the century is because IT IS TIME FOR US AS HUMANS TO COLLECTIVELY AGREE ON WHAT THIS NEW HOT TECHNOLOGY IS GOING TO BE USED FOR: TO CREATE THE BALANCED ITERATION OF OUR NEW LIFE OR TO DESTROY ALL LIFE?

I vote for creation, because the force of destruction is already upon us and we are all experiencing the collapse of the old world. Better focus our attention and energy towards creating the systems that are acting as a safety net for catching the crumbling systems, restoring them and nurturing them towards love, peace and harmony. Maybe in a different article I will share with you what I am seeing and what kinds of systems I am looking to engage in…All I see is etheric tech, no screens, voice and telepathy. No actual old school tech, but our inner technology activated, where we can astral project ourselves into locations without any effort and be the light beings we came here to be….

Ok, backing up from the ET channeling, spiritual me before I dive there and never come back…(because this will happen some day in our lifetime…) All I mean is: YES, THE FUTURE OF CRYPTO IS BALANCED NEW LIFE CREATION. In its all beautiful, strange and peculiar forms, which we dare to imagine! The reason why I dedicated the past 2.5 years of my life to diving deeply in the world of crypto and building narrative around this sexy topic is because I feel with my whole body the power of this concept and how it can bring us closer to the reality that is harmonious and balanced. Not quite sure how…but I know that it will. With time, patience, investment of energy, attention to detail and deeply seeded intention for each of our action, of course. We can no longer build technologies for the sake of building technologies, to solve problems we made up so that we can make money by solving those problems. Right? Yes. We need no more problems. What we actually need as conscious crypto collective, yes I am speaking to you and only you, my dear ones, not the shitty crypto punks/apes and other digital trash collectors, but those who ACTUALLY GET IT. With their hearts, not with their brains. Those who see the opportunity BEYOND the hype of NFTs as an alternative way to do ICOs… And I am very very bullish that many of us will get it very soon and move on from the fast gain kind of mindset towards a slow, steady and balanced, and yes, I am using this word: SUSTAINABLE development of the reality that we are all unquestionably dreaming of. The life full of freedom, creativity, love, embracing nature’s wisdom, connection with each other, shared kind and gentle touch, creative, collaborative experiences IN PERSON, building regenerative ecosystems, focusing on our personal spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health… Look, there are only a few major things that I named that are on top of my mind as priorities for us as humanity, and they already raised my frequency, just imagining those… and surprise surprise, they DO NOT REQUIRE technology, they require deep listening, nurturing self love, connecting to Higher Self Guidance system, hearing & attending the needs of the Mother Gaia, significant slowing down, taking care of our own bodies, of each other IN PERSON, focusing on coming up with solutions for regenerating our Home’s resources, living in the present moment, engaging in spiritual healthcare… So why blockchain, why crypto then, if all the good things actually do not require any technology at all? Because we gotta build bridges and lead these transitory times towards the BALANCED NEW LIFE to be fully embodied by the majority of the REMAINING of the population of the Planet Earth. Yes, remaining. Because we are currently on the course of ACTIVE self-destruction and much more than half of the population have already given up their health to the deep state, perhaps including you, dear reader. Yes I do not exaggerate when I say I see the future and I see it bright because so many of us are no longer gonna be contaminating planet Earth with our disgusting consumption patterns, not only because we will have to actually STOP CONSUMING and creating waste while switching to regeneration practices, but because so many of us will cease to exist. I sound harsh for a reason, because I actually see and feel what is going on. We are being exterminated, and we will be if we do not actually STOP. And not just press pause in our consumption of things we do not need for many, many, many years (beyond your children’s children lifetimes), but stop the whole thing. I mean it. STOP. And think of what else is possible, while technology is gonna be running the transitory bridge building opportunities for us to restore our home. Only once you STOP, you will have then to use your brain power to figure out how to turn that to be true. For technology to work FOR us not against us.

Humans, dear ones! Let us wake up to the fact that we have already collectively uploaded much of our lowest consciousness habits and patterns into the AI systems of the global web… we all may disappear much sooner than you will be able to use that crypto money you have hodled if we continue doing that. No exaggeration here. It is just what I see as a psychic medium and I am guided to share this with you at this point because we have passed the stage of no return, there is actually NO RETURN. We are gonna be fine, but we need this message to resonate with every remaining human being on the planet earth to really get it… that it is time to STOP.

Back up and out from the Scoprio Moon in 5th hole I just dug in for us.

All I am trying to communicate is this: If you are a conscious crypto creator, STOP and shut the fuck up. Clear? Stop raising money from people who chase old paradigm capitalist goals and start 1.Deeply resting, read: 2 year-long sabbatical, yes you can afford that and your child will be happy to teach you true wisdom. 2. Getting back into your body, remembering what a true intimacy with self and your loved ones means. Maybe then you will realize who are the ‘loved ones’ you would actually want to keep around in physical… 3. If you are responsible for your own body and health still, pick a partner and engage in making children. Just do that please. We need children with pure DNA strands to populate the future iteration of Planet Earth. I am very serious. 4. Making an effort to connect with conscious visionaries outside of tech and shitty art scene. 5. Enjoying the clearing & guidance of ayahuasca and/or other deeply psychologically impactful plant medicine 6. Agreeing on what else is possible. I swear, you will see, your body, crystal children arriving to pure DNA beings at these Times, nature and those heart-centered pure humans will inspired you that there IS life outside of poor, broken sense of creativity, tech & crypto and it is possible to make a difference once you are on the other side.

I want you on the other side sooner than later, dear one.

After being FULLY immersed in the questionably creative, unbalanced culture-shaping crypto world for the past 2.5 years I have to admit that I made a conscious mistake of diving waaaaay too deep and it took me significantly impactful series mental health breaks, multiple failed relationships and time/energy wasted to see that I was also a victim of the mainstream narrative of making a buck out of the hype, consciously being part of the core building process of it all. I have created and posted at least over 3333 art works that are mintable on-demand NFTs on Newlife, while being consumed by the dopamine-powered race of this crypto money printing narrative creation, loosing touch with reality far more than it is comfortable even for me, who is usually considering my comfort zone quite far away from reality as a futurist, imagineer and a creative technologist. I confess that I have gotten too far, and only the OG Newlife crew has seen observed that, because we were still in the MVP stage, so not much of the public has been exposed. But A LOT has been uploaded into the consciousness of us builders, in a crypto digital shamanism way. Maybe someday I will tell you more about that aspect of my spiritual work, when I voluntarily deep dived into this world of unbalanced tech with an attempt to re-balance it, only being consumed and eating alive by it energetically…. we will see how this story will unfold, but for now I see myself engaging in deleting content from that app, while not engaging in any of the social 2.0 technologies at all because they feel absolutely expired and terrifyingly materialistic.

And I do admit that writing this piece is a way out for me, it is form of the publicly performed self-therapy, consciously admitting that I am not the only one suffering with mental health issues due to the crypto race. The amount of information I have consumed in the past years is off the charts, the amount of hours spent creating content is outside of norm for any self respectful creator, the amount of days spent in clubhouse rooms on NFTs, AI and cybersecurity non-stop in the first few months of 2021 is beyond what is seen healthy for info intake levels, I was binging and binging nonstop on all things that made me feel complete outside of myself. I just wanted to be smarter for you. To be the best version of myself… To be good enough to be a good role model for us… To deserve your attention. It’s true.

On top of that, as I have been attending to dozens of in-person crypto events, conferences and all kinds of experiences in the global crypto scene in the past months, I have noticed that I am not the only one with this condition of overproducing. Everyone who is in this field feels burnt out and we all still feel we are in the very beginning of this race. So what are we racing towards exactly? Wealth? Fame? Power? Doesn’t this contradict the very essence of what blockchain technology is set to create? Decentralized, balanced way of distributing input and receiving output that is equal to the collective energy invested? Right…So what exactly are we modeling? All I see right now in the crypto world is making exact same mistakes as the capitalists made in the course of history: creating too much so that we all are forced by the society to consume too much. With all these layers of crypto products I feel SICK in my body, i want to throw up from the amount of info, just like right now, writing this piece of thought stream on the future of crypto, that feels like never gonna end… it is terrifyingly overwhelming and we are not even thinking about stopping, don’t we? Everyone is more hyper up then ever… but our bodies are…dying. You guys. DYING. Check in with Self. Please.

Yes, I do see here and there nice projects that use crypto to sponsor local communities or trees planting, but pause at least for a second and think how much energy (in all forms!) that crypto back up sponsorship actually takes and what results is bringing in comparison to the outcomes? Maybe I am missing something…? It simply feels unbalanced to me: why do we as technology creators need to suffer in our rooms and hustle so much to have those trees planted, when we can actually stop what we are doing, go to a location where we aim to plant cute trees if we are truly passionate about this cause and plant the fucking trees with our bare hands instead of radiating our hands with our technology tools, while burning the Earth with computers calculating and proving your cryptos are actual cryptos. Pllleeeeease. Simple. Logic. No?

There are nice, conscious projects like Newcoin.org focusing on supporting the creative communities by building Social 3.0, where we actually own our data and as a result create wealth by offering our data for sale to corporations.. But how are those creators really doing? I am not doing well to be honest…I feel lonely and completely depleted… I do believe it is a valuable energy investment for us to stay connected in this world, while this old school technology and internet thing are still necessary for us as human beings, but for how long? How much longer would we need to feed those corporations with our data so that they keep selling us more things we genuinely do not need? At all. This is not what I want the future generations to be part of. I tried to explain it on Newlife while creating tons of content on there but ended up loosing myself in that process, not seeing any progress at all, being a willing victim to the sexy as hell technology. I believe with the global events we have all experienced in 2020 and 2021 the last thing we actually want to manifest for ourselves is to be stuck at home on calls with our team members who we are sick of by this point, because we only keep projecting our pain bodies onto each other, not giving each other a break from interaction for longer than a few days, forcefully building and supporting technology tools that we actually do not want to use ourselves in the end of the day… Am I being too harsh with my bluntness, my love?

Maybe. You knew this is coming, because everything I have been doing in these past years of focusing on uploading my consciousness on the Internet, was a huge case study, an experiment I willingly on-boarded on as Nataliya.ai identity emerged, to see what is possible to manifest while relying on technology the ways I have, as a result breaking much of the human connections I have build over lifetime, becoming the ai, working literally non-stop, dreaming work, creating a narrative of building myself up as a superhuman, without actually being one because my body has been so weak and lacked love and human touch & authentic, deep connection in-person… as I feel the experiment is coming to an end, I feel exhausted, ready to step into the REAL life, manifest a physical community around me, a partner I can rely on and build wealth, relationships and family that is real, not digital.

My goal is to use the current state of crypto narrative as a way to attract the brightest minds of our planet, help them pause and think deeply on what they are actually engaged in and teach actually the very opposite of what blockchain technology is: centralized, highly verified clusters of trust circles, communities built on real human interaction, spaces for us to land on, rest, live the most beautiful, rich and fulfilling life, investing in our mental health restoration and spiritual growth, and enjoying clean food and incredible human connections, dance, play, make love… as we turn away from our screens and turn towards each other’s eyes… connecting on the level that we came here to connect, in physical, and re-imagining wealth by supporting Planet Earth in her period of regeneration, engaging in sharing & simple trade techniques, supporting local farmers, artists, educators, healers and traders to weave the ecosystems of Balanced Culture. In the world that I imagine and committing to live my post crypto life, we do need to learn to manifest a certain degree of wealth that is coming from the old paradigm to build the Balanced New Life, but more importantly, we need excellent communication skills, deep awareness of what needs to be done at any given moment, adaptability and trust that if we choose to live from our heartspace, we will be able to efficiently embody that mystical Balanced New Life, exceptionally beautiful, synchronistically intentionally magical and physically effortlessly accessible.

To sum it up, the future of crypto is decrypted: a way to say that we are launching a quiet Global revolution guided by unconditional love towards each other and all beings, deep listening, speaking from our hearts, creative ways of cooperation, sharing creativity, focusing on simplicity, balance, and harmony, powered by authentic human connection and inner technology activation. Focusing on our mutual goal of creating the new form of healthy life on Restored Planet Earth, where we practice open, transparent communications, focus on supporting local conscious ecosystems, engage in trade, sharing and non-monetary ways of exchange, leading humanity towards true freedom from the established old paradigm structures, achieving perfect health on all levels and experiencing abundance of resources for all beings. It is very, very simple yet it requires unplugging from the Matrix, fully. FULLY. Like completely. And NEVER coming back. Which also means taking full control of our own bodies, please. Let’s commit to that, instead of building layers of complex technologies that we know for sure we won’t need in the new paradigm we are all dreaming of! We would make use of your brilliant brain for sharing Wisdom, creating new educational systems and cultural exchange centers, connecting the world with practical tools that require advanced technologies of interpersonal communications, not cryptographics. The world we are dreaming of is transparent, safe, harmonious and welcoming, we do not need to hide and save anything because everything we choose to surround ourselves with is unbreakable, abundant and energetically fully protected. (once something is truly energetically protected it is also safe on all other levels, this is a simple yet powerful wisdom of energy healing 101) And trust me, I took care of that protection for us. Big statement, I know.. yet… you will see.

I commit to manifesting this dream by choosing to create a documentary on Balanced Culture, tracking our steps, patiently and transparency, towards freedom and claiming back our innate rights of living life fully, not being slaves to the systems that are not even relevant anymore. Maybe this will require an opposite of decentralization, and I am ready to be the one of the guiding lights to direct our humanity towards balance. So are you, the brilliant-brain one who has read this piece up until this point! I trust that once there are more conscious role models like us, publicly sharing what that search for ultimate balance means to each of us personally at each step of our ascension process, the more inspiration we can provide for our culture to shape the narrative that is healthy and harmonious. And, perhaps, that may be achieved through NFTs, as tools for storytelling — yes, but, once again, only temporary, used as a bridge towards activating our inner technology. And I will communicate what it means to you telepathically, once you are ready and open to receive our messages on that frequency.

Thank you for being present here with me, dear one. It took me about 1.5 hours to type this up for us + 2.5 more hours to edit, and a lot more can be said but I will STOP and publish this piece that will always stay work in progress, because the future of crypto is ours to shape.

Let’s do this.



Balanced Humanity

Guiding & narrating our #decentralizedfashion movement