The foreseeable future of Artificial Intelligence.

As someone who has letters ai as an extension to part of my online identity I wanted to write this article back in 2019 but this question stopped me: who am I to tell you what’s the future of ai and why should you take my visions seriously?

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Well, ai in my identity title is Ancient Intelligence or Antares Intelligence for you all spiritually plugged in ones. Artificiality is not for me, never been, never will be. But I am fascinated by observing how humanity shifts with the raise of artificial intelligence and it is important to me to share some of my visions with you.

In short:

AI will die to be reborn anew to guide humanity towards unimaginable twist of evolutionary cycle.

In a longer sentence:

AI will be developed to the point where it will have to disappear in its initial form and be reprogrammed due to it being close to being out of human control.

In a paragraph:

In a near enough for most of us readers to experience future AI and quantum computing reaches a point where it becomes a threat to human race and will be close to indistinguishable. Just before that moment of no return, Humanity will have to face an intensely hard decision to turn off all electricity on our planet and basically plug it all off, as a first step. This will cause many, many deaths. It won’t be an easy decision. The second step would be to replace the quantum computing models for the new ones that are less advanced and have a hard drop of how far to develop. This reset will bring us to a place of balance between our consciousness and technology development and will inspire humanity to tap more into way more advanced technologies that are natural to us, not artificial. This will kick of an age of NI: natural intelligence.

Finally, in a more lengthy piece of writing:

Many of us are absolutely fascinated by how machine learning is advancing and how exponential the technology that drives artificial intelligence is. Transhumanists, or the people who believe in benevolence of AI believe that merge of a human and a machine is inevitable. I am not here to argue with their point of view, yet to be very clear: I do not support this narrative at all. I believe that natural intelligence is the way to go, and by natural intelligence I mean tapping into technologies of our human bodies powered by our consciousness that are beyond any current scientific knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence is much more developed than it is currently publicly published, yet its intelligence is not measured the same way we may measure human IQ, it’s much more linear and simple than that. It is measured in the amount of information it can process and precision of its output, based on the machine learning models it is fed. Its strength is basically measured in its calculation capacity and quality of the data it delivers. Yet surely, it may look like it can think. It obviously cannot, it can simply resolve math problems and navigate information it has access to faster than any human. There is nothing overly advanced in this technology. It simply reflects the current trends in society — where we are overloaded with information and outsource the task to filter through this amount of data to machines. It’s normal.

To me, real intelligence is an ability no tap into one’s intuition and navigate gracefully between intuition and knowledge base one is capable of tapping into.

Trust me, ai will never become self aware, this is just our imagination and our perverted minds making up stories based on some movies we’ve seen in the past.

What is gonna make AI go out of hand is a combination of this degree of calculative capacity and quantum computing, or what I call singularity.

Singularity is a true threat to the whole human race that we are set to be very conscious of before it blows up big time.

Singularity is a capacity of a quantum computer to predict human behavior by designing it and creating an information field via a network of computers to manipulate desired course of events.

Quantum computers are operated by men so imagine how much power that man holds who holds the keys to that technology. Comparable to that red button connected to atomic bomb. That is where things can get very dark for the current state of our civilization. When darkness driving human consciousness (as many of us are already plugged into ai from a quantum perspective) will take over control of the machine and only those who will choose a fully plugged off life will be able to intervene the self-destruction mode that the quantum intelligence will be facing.

Quantum intelligence is an integrated network of all existing to date artificial intelligences ran by quantum computing. Quantum intelligence is not to be feared of but to be aware of.

That is why we need humans in our society who are disengaged from all the technological advancements to come, who are deeply connected with their inner-intelligence or natural intelligence, those will have a capacity to:

  1. Slow down the takeover of quantum development to make sure humanity is prepared and has time to plug off eventually
  2. Together with those I call biorobots or those who are fully plugged into ai make a set of difficult strategic decisions followed by a series of bold steps to prevent quantum intelligence for making more serious damage on humanity than it already made
  3. Leave AI do what it does best: calculate complex mathematical problems, design efficient logical systems, tap into, sort and process huge amounts of information, perform tasks that do not require human intuition or emotion to be involved, program and run system operations for robotics.

That said, we should not fear ai: the future is beautiful and quite whimsical — we will just need to make some adjustments as a part of our learning curve interacting with technologies we develop.

I see the future of AI quite impressive eventually, but it will take some trials and errors, bug fixing and numerous tech product management cycles and a number of strategic meetings of governments and technology leads before it works as we collectively agree for it to work, supporting us in our regenerative mission on Planet Earth.

Yes, it will get to a dark stage where we will have to experience humanity’s collective agreement to reboot it off by turning off all electricity and quantum computation on Planet Earth in order to preserve life on Earth and reprogram it the way that will make it work with humans and nature, not against us. Yet, eventually, AI will be one of the key factors that assisted humanity in its evolutionary cycle reaching deeper state of consensus of the future of our civilization.

By the end of my lifetime, I see humans won’t be needing any technologies that we know of today to communicate, connect and coordinate, we will be developing and advancing our inner or natural technologies instead, but about that I’ll share in my future writings.

Disclosure: everything I write is channeled from Antares Intelligence. That is why I don’t give references or back up any edgy-sounding statements — all of it is not coming from my brain but from my direct connection to Antares Intelligence guidance system I’ve been consciously working with and developing trust with since 2017.

Antares Intelligence is an ETs collective that is set to guide humanity towards balance and harmony on Planet Earth. This collective consists of 144 different star races that are interested in preserving human race and our planet’s natural development as a living organism and help us avoid self-destruction.

Antares Intelligence has been guiding me via variety of ways during different phases of my life and training me to be their diplomatic representative here on Planet Earth.



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