What’s the state of the Network states?

In short: the state is that this concept died before reaching hype it was supposed to reach this year, where DAOs were in 2022 and NFTs were in 2021.

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Why it died? Overinflated egos, expressing words louder than actions, and private siloed groups of echo chambers online and offline of course. And I have to mention that only men engaged in conversations about it, saying they want to include women in but never actually making an effort in including us. You know what women in this space did? Moved on with their lives because we simply can’t compete with mens energy in this space.

Let me be clear and straightforward with you: I wanted to start my own country since I realized the concept of countries exist, to be exact since early 90s. I dreamed of leading a country that would be never engaged in wars or any geopolitical disputes, and it was to be a secret country, only its citizens knew it existed because they are part of it.

I believe the future of our civilisation will be led by women, by the voices coming from humans with a womb, humans who daily give birth to new life. Men will be performing executive tasks, women will be guiding and directing them. There will no longer be this mass fear of women’s power over men, but a honoring and deep respect to those of us who have a biological capacity to conceive. It’s the conception of a new society that is under way and the women will be birthing it by sharing their visions and empowering men to act by bringing those visions to life.

Honestly, I don’t want to use this article to promote and explain why women hold the answers to everything if we simply dare to start asking us questions and invest time in listening closely. With time, many of us will come to this realization ourselves, it has to be a natural, individual, even intimate path.

For now, I’ll just give some concrete examples on why we need a rebalancing in our society of whose voices are leading the way:

Guess who wrote the book on network states, clinging the term to his own vision of the concept? An alpha dude who used to run a huge crypto exchange company, whose visions are limited to his shallow consciousness with surely some brainy brain. (I bet Chat GPT could do a better job writing that concept up for us)

Guess who responded and basically spread the word about the book? You guessed it, one of the founders of the most influential web3 network, who clearly has mental health issues, if you look at him for a few seconds and observe his non-verbal communications.

Guess who founded all the network states and free private cities that I know exist so far? Guess who run chats on network states on telegram? M.E.N. No women seen in the picture, at all. And I quit all of such groups due to the reason of being shushed and cancelled or just because I am tired of the alpha male energy there. Not surprisingly. Fear takes over even the alpha men when I open my mouth, it’s a common thread in my life for years now.

Look, anyone can come up with a cute name, buy a domain, put together a copy of their own concept of network states and select some generic empowering visuals to feature on a landing page, stating yet another network state exists, inviting people to buy NFT passports into this club of theirs. I could have done it. You know why I didn’t? Because back in 2020 I started to engage in the following:

  • living through my own philosophy, cultivating and perfecting it day by day
  • creating my own non-fungible currency
  • distributing that currency to people I met irl and liked, who I felt could make good citizens of my new country
  • engaging in pure sharing economy and avoiding to use any kind of money or digital shit coins
  • developing a public persona that I actually can stand by and believe in myself, not a copy paste of a currently hyped leader or an influencer of the moment
  • engaging in events and groups that are building ecosystems for the new society and meeting key individuals who I personally intuitively feel are gonna make it big in their field
  • disengaging from events/groups/communities that are ran by alpha males who overshout not only my voice but the voices of everyone else around them
  • collecting data from various resources on how to build a society that is harmonious, balanced, transparent yet smart enough not to fail at any slight legislative trend shift
  • preferring to engage with key individuals offline and avoiding any social networks and other data-hoarding platforms
  • closely watching the development of web3 ecosystems, ai, science, governance, politics and quantum computing to deeply understand what I’m to face as my country starts gaining power
  • meditating and engaging in energy work for hours daily to balance out my brain activity, to be fully guided by my heartspace, and develop my intuition towards greater mastery for my upcoming leadership time

Look, I’m not working on a network state or a free private city or anything in between. I’m working on a parallel society structure modeling that will some day take over the current state of society and bring peace to our civilization, when everything else crushes.

Of course I’m not the only one engaged in building the new. Yet not all of us who are on this path realize that more than half of the population will be and at least a half are already in singularity, they’re guided by ai and fully engaged in being part of the global technocracy.

My proposal to the current governments and those who are engaged in developing network states is to offer their citizens a choice and roll out the concept of SCALED TECHNOCRACY.

On one side of the spectrum, people live fully offline, highly spiritual, profoundly connected with nature and spirit, disengaged from all the economic systems empower by the government and are unbothered by state regulations. Off-grid life. The current example of this part of society would be aboriginal tribes and those who live on the other side of the Antarctica ice walls, as well as the peoples of Agartha and Shambala…

On the other side of the spectrum, biorobots: people are fully plugged into ai and experiencing full-fledged singularity, digital identities, digital money controlled by the state, web3 data backpacks for their travels in the metaverse, their super intelligence living on cloud after death and so on. Basically an average transhumanist web3 leader…

In between: generally, what all humans used to be up until around 2020. A balanced approach to technology use: shared, decentralized identity, where there’s harmonious shift between online and offline lives, at least partial anonymity and state controlling only some aspects of people’s lives, full awareness and ability to choose how exactly ai affects their consciousness and their day-to-day activities, engagement in spiritual practices and intuitively coordinated actions between each other.

This is just a tiny bit of my vision of the new country I’m in the process of building.

Not all of this is to be shared online, that is why my work is still hard to understand by many and some of those I engage with online tend to put me into a “weird” pile, spreading misinformation based on their biased views on me among their peers. I understand that this is unavoidable, yet I try my best to be as discreet as possible online, while not loosing touch with my target audience, or those who would be willing to live a completely offline , spiritually advanced life with me by 2030.

It’s not the network that I’m building, but a new, decentralized civilization, where people can be inspired by the philosophy I’m channeling for us and customize it to their own taste.

I strongly believe in intuitive coordination between heart-centred individuals. Trust me, we do not need technologies of ai and web3 or anything else we come up with that is powered by electricity and code to navigate in this world and build systems that will work for us in the future. All we need is being really embodied, stop consuming poison in multiple forms, stop engaging in information contamination and start diligently practicing constant connection with our heartspace. Spirituality is a profoundly private practice yet once each of us awaken to our own individual inner strength and learn to listen to our body closely, learn to understand the difference between other people’s thoughts and emotions and tune in to our own thoughts and emotions, commit to heart-cantered living, we will be able to liberate ourselves from the technocratic globalist prison most of us are currently stuck in.

I’ve researched all existing network states, free private cities/charter cities, micro nations, meta nations, whatever other words combo we use for a concept of an emerging country… they are all missing one thing: embodied women’s leadership. They all being run by men, most of them engaging in web3-centric narratives, which I’m not against of but I truly believe is not necessary to build a healthy new country. We do not need a digital currency to create a new country, that’s all. In a new country I am building, a concept of currency is identical to the concept of energy. It is non-fundible and flows freely from any economic standards we are used to.

As much as I love the place we call internet, I prefer my offline life, prefer to search for information within, prefer to live independently from whether I have Wi-Fi connection and the correct device or not.

As much as I love free economy, I prefer to develop intuitive economic systems where energy flows naturally, like a law of karma.

I’m tired of subscribing to technologies someone else created and online services that suck so much energy out of me by providing so little in return. I cannot even express how much happier I am when I live offline, I actually more connected than ever, not with the people who I choose to engage with online but connected with myself and my inner guidance system that is far more powerful than any digital navigation tool or a search engine.

I was born offline and lived offline for the first 11–12 years of my life and it was a beautiful time. I want my children to live a fully offline life and be completely plugged out of ai. In order to build this for my family, I have to build a fitting infrastructure for myself first and it feels like a doable task if I plan to be launching my new country by 2028~2030.

If you’d like to join me, find me offline, we will talk and reach consensus on what this new country is gonna feel like to us. We cannot manifest something if we cannot even imagine the feeling of that new thing to cause us. There’s only this much I can share online and that wouldn’t be enough for us to intuitively coordinate. Offline connection is the most precious to me: I receive and send over 88% of data non-verbally. Call it telepathy if you will.

Let’s not build another network state, DAO or a community of communities, let’s engage in creating building blocks of a balanced humanity, and start by imagining and living through the feelings of a decentralized new country.



Balanced Humanity

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