Why Web3 Creative Community Needs to Experience Aya?

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PLEASE NOTE: This article is a meme. Do consult your spiritual therapist to see if this medicine is truly for you. It is BEYOND powerful one and it takes YEARS to integrate. It is NOT for everyone.

The answer is simple: to reach multiple ego deaths (real ones!) real quick & to find out what truly matters for oneself, to become more humble, more welcoming, and open-hearted to fellow human beings, less judgemental towards oneself and each other, and more open to TRUTH. Actual Truth. Truth is that much of what is happening these days in the world is deep bs narrative creation, waste of time and energy, that no one needs any internet technology going forward when the real focus for humanity will be health and sovereignty of our human bodies, and only those who are becoming humanoids will see some value in the digital reality, temporarily, as a distraction, before their bodies severely weakened immune system fails them. Everyone who is left untouched by bioweapons will be living off-grid, engaging in reproduction to preserve the purity of the human race, and won’t even think of continuing to be part of the technocratic society of soulless robots. Web3? WebNo. Crypto? Shrypto. How about a REAL hug and a warm vegetable stew, pure cacao, and singing a song we co-create on the spot, moving our bodies in a cuddle puddle, touching each other with love and care, sharing unconditional love and stories that brought us here. Bam, take that, crew! So sad not many of us have really experienced that degree of heart openness and truth in our lives yet. I am grateful for my life experience leading conscious communities in NYC and globally, where I got to really learn what actually important and valuable in this reality on the personal level and as a result, on a humanity scale. The human connection it is. Building trust. Gentle touch. Authentic co-creation. Learning from nature. Physical embodiment. Sharing real life. Creating new life. The real one.

Yes. Most of us need aya at this point, because we are sooooo so terribly lost and I cannot believe humans are still reluctant and in some cases terrified of psychedelically powerful medicine like that. It is crucial at this point we use what nature has gifted us. The time is yesterday, wake the fuck up. We all need help, immediately. And not help from a dying half-humanoid psychologist that is sad and angry. Help from PLANTS. Nature. EARTH. The spirit world. I truly believe that ayahuasca is the answer for many of us.

Good doses of aya to be exact, at least 2 cups of the brew per ceremony. 2 ceremonies in a row at least. Ceremonies must be led by real, truly skilled shamans from the location the plant is coming from. This is very important. Maybe further in the game, trained shamans can take that task and lead ceremonies in the future, but it takes years and years to become real shamans.

Ok let me back it off and let you know what inspired me to write this piece. The pain of denial of truth it is. The pain of separation. The pain of losing people I love. The pain of rejection.

I will start by sharing a personal story. I am a passionate lover of Truth. My work in this life is practicing to be the deepest reflection of the humanity I can possibly be at any given moment. The way I know something is true is that I tune in deeply into my body, ground myself, feel what the body is relaying to me and express it through movement and out loud, through sound & often, through words. No matter who is there in front of me, I express it and not hold it in, without fear of being misunderstood and without fear that someone could be hurt in case they are not ready to be exposed to that degree of truth. I trust my body unconditionally and when certain words come out of my mouth, I let them do what they are there to do: affect those who are exposed to them the way they are set to be received. As a result, due to my bluntness, brave nature, and practice of direct spirit communications, I have been blocked, removed, canceled by multiple humans in my life. Humans I care about deeply, humans who I love, humans who I have shared intimacy with, otherwise, I would not have invested my time & energy in connecting with them to the point where deep truth emerged in our connection that caused that blunt expression to come out to the surface. Those humans mostly happen to be creatives. Gentle souls. Those who are hyper-sensitive. Those who may be vulnerable to handling a bit of a harsh truth as they were denying seeing that aspect of themselves for a very long time. Those who, when faced with my truthful and blunt expression pop back into their protective shells and just deny what they have just been experienced, while not wanting to stay connected with me going forward. It has been hard for me to accept that reaction in the beginning, but I got used to it as I realized that there was nothing personal about this. I had to accept the fact that not everyone in my life will be able to handle my heat, my realness, my raw and powerful way of reflecting what I am experiencing with any given being I am set to reflect. This is my fate as a Manifestor woman in Human Design with Grand Water Trine in my Astrological Chart (read: psychic medium, channel): I feel you fully and I will reflect your most hidden and unconscious parts towards you, whether you are ready to receive them or not. Holding back means betraying myself. If you are exposed to me and my work, your higher self chose to engage and I will show you exactly what it means to be engaged with your deepest reflection.

To be honest, so far I have met only one person on this planet who is actually open to handling what I am, as tough times during years 2020 & 2021 have shown their loyalty and unconditional acceptance of who I am fullly with all my shadow and light aspects. This person is an embodied Poseidon, a true mystic, a genius philosopher, someone who I have spent lifetimes before building and narrating the mythology of humanity’s consciousness. All others I have encountered in my life so far are simply scared of the truth I am guided to reflect on them. Many have escaped and chose to avoid me at this point. I clearly feel their feelings towards me and they are mostly a mix of the following: love that doesn’t know how to be expressed, gratitude, shame, the illusion of fear, denial, self-judgment, lack of understanding, curiosity, resistance to truth, rage, anger, jealousy, shock, grief. I am very much aware that those are the feelings that much of humanity is feeling at this time generally, as we are going through a deep transformational time when many lives will be lost and a total reset will have to happen that will be shocking to most.

I am writing this during Winter Solstice, one of my favorite days in a year, because it is the time for deep reflection on what has been happening in the past 6 & 12 months and an opportunity to start anew, create new patterns in our psyche to manifest better future while learning from the mistakes we have done in the past and integrating them in our system for better operations going forward. It is time for ceremony, celebration, connection, and shared joy. I am feeling that and guided to write this piece as a way to contemplate some of the most impactful relationships in my life that ended in me being blocked. From my end, I never block people in my life, I am always open to giving people multiple chances and welcome them back at any moment, which I never hide and am always vocal about it. It is not because I do not have any internal boundaries, but because I believe that humans always have a chance to reset themselves and any relationship can start anew, much stronger after a time of facing deep shadowy truth.

The thing about me, I often compare myself with the spirit of aya when I connect with any human being. When I look deeply into your eyes, I see you so clearly it may be scary for you. I connect directly with your highest potential and ignore your current expression of self, your ego. I only choose to communicate with your higher self, your best possible version in this reality, whether you want that kind of treatment or not. It may be uncomfortable for you and you may want to escape. I can you completely, feel what you are feeling, and hear what you are thinking. This is simply my nature, I am deeply empathic and psychically gifted. Many still do not realize this about me and are shocked to get to experience the authentic Nataliya.ai (ai being ancient intelligence) when they connect with me. Sometimes, when in public, I choose to be undercover and do not connect with anyone on that level, simply observe the situations that play out around me, feel into the field of what is happening and operate in 5D. That is why digital shamanism has been such a powerful way for me to direct my superpowers towards intentional creation, without bothering those who are around me too much, it is just easier for me to pretend I am this content creator chick at the conferences, events, and other social gatherings I go to rather then be my full-on multidimensional embodied ET being self and scare the shit out of you because you have not experienced anything like that before. Yet.

It is different when I meet people who have gone through ayahuasca and other similar strength of intentional medicine journeys or other shamanic experiences such as breathwork and hypnosis. Those humans get me. They also become their best versions of themselves with me, feeling the permission to be superhumans together. And that is what I see for the future of humanity, where everyone is truly being themselves embodied, without needing permission from our society to loosen up and simply express our truest nature.

Why do I believe is that the creative web3 community needs to get exposed to this type of psychedelic experience first? Because I am tired of seeing suffering creators spill their trauma online. I am tired of seeing humanity’s pain expressed out on paper/screen and in other mediums. I am tired of pretending it is OK to see violence, poorly manufactured realities, and low-quality & overly complex technological solutions to address problems that are not actually real. They are not, please just wake up to that. I am tired to see humans waste their time radiating themselves on screens of old school technologies, as if in a stupid computer game, being so lost in their lives, thinking that time spent on screen is the best way to live their lives. I wish I could simply hug you and tell you that it is ok, that you have lived in an illusion for long enough and it is time to return back home, into your body.

I am tired of that bs technocratic narrative and I cannot believe that no one is really speaking up about this. No one really needs a digital currency when more than half of the population will actually be as conscious as pulled from the earth vegetables due to bioweapons that are targeted upon us by those who want to extinguish the human race. I also cannot believe that creatives, who carry so much sense of freedom, deeply rooted desire for a deep shift, following their spiritual guidance more than other categories of humans, are failing to lead the rise of human consciousness and get so stuck in their worlds thinking that NFT technology would be a solution to all their problems. Fuck no it won’t. Please. Wake up and let’s be human together.

There is no external technology that currently exists that will drive the real, impactful change. The narrative of blockchain and DAOs, yes, may make some movement in human consciousness towards NO TECHNOLOGY focus, where decentralization will be the key and understanding that engaging in self-governance systems creation and remembering our tribal nature based on soul connection & recognition of one’s mission are the ways out of this apocalyptic times we are experiencing. Look, the current state of technology is going to fail us, mark my words. Internet is a temporary bridge towards telepathy. We will all be disappointed in how much time and energy we have spent inside of manufactured pixels and 0s & 1s. AI (as in artificial intelligence) will show to fail us again and again due to the low consciousness level and lack of heart-centeredness of humans creating that technology. I have personally met most of the leaders in crypto & ai space and have to report to you with sadness and heavy heart: there is NO ONE HUMAN who PASSES THE MARK, which means who is heart opened, pure, and engaged in their work with dignity, truth, and balance. Most are sexually deprived, stuck in 4–12-year old boys’ level of consciousness, playing computer games, navigating through their own manufactured worlds they create thinking they are important. I wish I could tell you that there is at least one technology that I deeply believe in and that it could be Newcoin/Newlife where I uploaded much of my consciousness in and actively participated in its content development & communications, but even in that community most people have pushed me away like I am a virus and thus have not passed the Mark of being open to my truthful expression, feel deeply intimidated by my natural way of being and have not even tried to understand my points of view to be guided towards the more balanced and healthy path, as innovative technology creators. Maybe this will change with time, but for now, I am sad to share with you that there is no Web3 solution out there that is pure and focused on something more solid and promising, beyond primitive technologies of the past. And that includes you, a consciously aware reader who is curious about all the bs being shared about web3, crypto and NFTs, please go practice channeling ETs & learn from crystal beings instead and see how they will teach us advanced technology techniques to transcend our consciousness towards a much more effective future for our humanity. Let us not get confused, please, humans. Our bodies are our greatest technologies and transmitters of data, available to us, not computers & programs, created by humans whose consciousness levels are closer to animals, with cold hearts and zero interest in our actual evolution.

I believe that ayahuasca will help creators of web3 to look deep inside of themselves, really slow down, realize what is actually being built, that the force we as humanity running into self-destruction has to stop and all that energy has to be redirected towards healing, rebalancing and mastering our inner technology tools instead, by activating our hear space, tapping into our third eye and realizing that there is so much more to be done multidimensionally than on the field of 4D, current technology layer of this reality. Once most of us experience that truth, no money will be relevant anymore on this planet, including crypto. Unconditional giving and sharing will be a solution to everything, just like what we experienced as MVP at Burning Man. Then, no time needs to be spent breaking our eyes staring at screens all days and nights long, creating more and more complex systems to be run by humans who hate their life, as none of the genius technologies I have met in my life are actually truly happy with the way they live their life, and their mental, emotional, physical health is on alarming levels, signifying deep lack of love and self-care. What ayahuasca teaches is self-love, the true meaning of care, kindness, and deepest purification. Once humans who build tech and create narratives will be able to purify themselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically, things will really turn around and humanity will find its way towards actual progress, not an illusion of it. And it is happening. We simply need more indigenous wisdom and shamans to do their work globally and be very strategic in terms of who are the humans who are exposed to this potent medicine that will change the course of humanity without a doubt.

Bonus fact: I met the founder of Newlife a day or two after my second Aya experience. He asked me to be a co-founder and run communications for his company a few days after that. Intuitively, I know that the more purified we are, the clearer we express our Higher Self version, the more we are magnetized to our soul family and recognize each other’s superpowers, let each other embody our most natural expression, and learn to live in balance and harmony. And once we all find each other and reconnect with tribes we came here to operate in, we are able to build a life that is so much more impactful than digital reality and digital money, we will build internal systems of truth and navigate in the no-time-space continuum, lead powerful narratives by future casting of what is to come, address current issues with dignity and strength and quietly create the reality on this planet Earth that is so heavenly, the next generations will be excited of to enter and play in.

Really hope this is not too tough love, dear humans. I try my best to be as kind as possible channeling this piece. I love you so much, please remember that. The time is now. Let’s up game our way of showing up in this reality and lead with our hearts, not with our heads.



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