They Cannot See Your Beauty

Beauty is not only aesthetic, it also manifests high spiritual qualities within personalities.

Alize Henry
Balanced Growth


Photo by Adrien Converse on Unsplash

“Are you yet crying? Oh, here we go again!”
“Hush up now, stop crying, don’t cry, my Friend.
Listen, he did not break you or forsake you,
Wisdom whispers, “To your self be true”.
You are still whole — you are still winning,
Truly you are better now than at the beginning.”

“Get up off the floor, and put your heart back in your chest.
Listen to me now, “After this, get some rest!”
“You are gonna be stronger than you could ever know —
But first, let me tell you this so you will know.”
“Depraved hearts, twisted minds themselves will reveal,
Remember, he never cared for you, nor how you feel”.

“To many — you’ve given freely — warmth and love.
They did not accept your gifts as if from above.
Or that your words were honest, truthful, sincere,
Meant to empower and ensure they feel secure.
Even though they cannot see all the beauty you spin,
Your beauty is exponentially personified. You win!”

“Don’t take it personally — remember — he never cared,
Not for your applause, following, or comments you shared.
He is in it, to win it. He won’t care if you lose,
Or slit your wrists, in despair, or live as a recluse.”
“Get up! Stop moaning. It is not that damned bad!
Get it together right now! You are making me sad.”

“Liars lie and deceivers will always deceive.”
“They know you, but your love they won’t receive.”
“I care for you more than anyone on this earth
Have loved you and sheltered you even before your birth.
Gentleness and niceness you may not portray,
Yet the opulence of your heart, you always display.”

“Don’t make this about how you are so hurt.”
“Remember? “Trust your gut”, you always assert.”
You knew, His antics even before this fragile fall
You also knew, he never cared about you, at all.”
“Practice what you preach, My Dear Friend
Walk your talk — keep loving — until the end!”

“Liars lie, though hidden, truth be found out”
Until the day — revealed what it’s about.”
“They may win, you might lose. It’s over. So what?
“No one touched you, not once, kicked your butt.”
“Tell your truth. speak your peace. continue in your way,
Forgive him, forget him…is all I have to say!”

🎗️ “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” ~ Confucius

When we realize others are only playing games,
We must relent from supporting their repulsive aims.
Love those who love you — support them with zeal —
Continue writing and sharing. Let your passion reveal —
Your colors and wealth of creativity, let your gifts unfold,
Unapologetically share with the world your talents, your “golden soul”. ✨

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“Every human has a reason for telling the truth. Many of us are just honest. Some are honest without meaning to be.” ~ Annelise Lords

“May we never lose our desire to outdo what we’ve already done.” ~Henery X

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Alize Henry
Balanced Growth

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