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4 min readDec 2, 2021


The BAL Grant Program is one of the ways that BalancerDAO promotes the development of the Balancer Protocol and Ecosystem. The Grant Wave Program was established in August 2021 after a community discussion, which can be found on Balancer’s governance forum here and the snapshot vote here. The current Wave 2 will run until 31 January 2022 and the vote for grant Wave 2 has given the program 42500 BAL to be allocated towards grants for this current round.

Wave 2 introduced 2 new Grant Roles, the RFP Lead and the Venture Lead.

RFP Updates

Our new RFP Lead JGUK has been revamping and structuring the Requests For Product (RFP) and Bounties that are pre-approved for funding (in BAL) and we are looking for developers and teams to build — we encourage you to apply! To get some inspiration for possible grants, check our RFP page.

Venture Updates

On the BalancerDAO Venture side, our Venture Lead Luuk has been working on DAO2DAO structures. BalancerDAO just announced a token swap with Fei and it will be exciting to see what’s next.

If you are a member of a DAO and are interested in collaborating with the Balancer Ecosystem or want to build on top of the Balancer Protocol, this is your chance!

New Live Grantees

Since the last update, the number of applications for Wave 2 total 16, some are currently under review but 5 projects have already been approved grants for a total of $18,000 in BAL.

The new grantees are:


Madhav Kumar will be working on improving the Balpy package, which is a set of tools for interacting with Balancer Protocol V2 in Python. This grant will encompass multiple bucket list Balpy improvements. Hereby making it a lot easier for projects that build within the Balancer Ecosystem to use Balpy!

Read more about the Balpy grant here.


As part of a wider approach to grants, this video channel will be creating premium video content about Balancer. The focus of this grant is to deliver three separate tutorial videos that cover Balancer V2’s innovations in the DeFi space.

Read more about the WhiteboardCrypto grant here.

Crypto Plaza

With BalancerDAO discussions and DAO groups forming in full swing, one of the first events to be sponsored as part of the DAO Marketing effort was Crypto Plaza. None other than our own Ballers Andrea and Maria were there to give a talk about Balancer and present our ecosystem to the fullest!

Read more about Crypto Plaza here.

We also welcomed two BLabs grantees into the BalancerDAO Grants structure, as part of a bigger movement of the community taking over more responsibilities. These two are:

Verified Network

A blockchain-powered network of regulated financial service providers such as registrars and transfer agents, custodians, and brokerages across multiple countries thereby making it possible to bring CeFi security issuances onto DeFi liquidity pools. The scope of the grant includes building a custom Balancer Pool, open-sourcing all of pool code, and launching it on mainnet!

Read more about the Verified Network grant here!


Launched their first product, Yield optimized limit order (YOLO), which uses Balancer V2 for order executions. They had their AMA on the 17th of November and are in the end stages of their grant.

Read more about YOLO here!

Updates on live grant projects

During the last month some of our grants have been reaching the following milestones:


Released their demo earlier this month. You are now able to trade Balancer within this 2D metaverse environment! Read more about their progress here.


The team has created the German SPV to run RealEstate.Exchange and has started their private sale last week! They are gearing up for a nice launch, after which a substantial part of the TVL will go through Balancer V2. Learn more about their design in this webinar, which also BLabs’ Jeremy spoke at!


The Forex project has been testing their Lending Market prototype and has been working on the AMM v2 Balancer integration. They also had their first governance vote!


This grant has been busy! Using our grant, the team developed a dynamic AMM with scaled balances that changes its shape over time. Using Tempus, you will now be able to receive a fixed-rate yield on any yield-bearing token (LP tokens, stETH, cTokens) for a fixed period of time, and the capital efficiency is dramatically improved because of the AMM design. All of this is built on top of Balancer V2 and the project is already live on Goerli testnet!

Tempus used an LBP fair launch for their TEMP token, which is now trading on Balancer. They have just announced that they are going to mainnet on December 15. Read more about the recent progress here.

About Balancer Grants

The BAL Grant program provides support and funding ($1K — $75K) to projects committed to supporting Balancer Protocol in achieving its mission the leading platform for programmable liquidity. This program is a good fit for individuals and groups that want to run a project that builds technology or resources on Balancer Protocol.

Apply Now

If you are interested in supporting the development of the Balancer Ecosystem or want to build on top of the Balancer Protocol, this is your chance! Get started by filling in the Grants Application form. You can also check out our RFP page for inspiration!

For further questions about how the Grants DAO works, check out the grants page, follow us on Twitter, or send an email to



Balancer Grants
Balancer Protocol

The BAL Grant program is one way BalancerDAO promotes the development of the Balancer Protocol and ecosystem.