Balancer Labs Launches Incentive Program for IDO Token Sales

Balancer Labs incentivizes the continued growth of LBPs as a leading token distribution platform in DeFi

Jeremy Musighi
Balancer Protocol
3 min readMay 3, 2021


Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs) are a useful mechanism for an initial token distribution. They offer numerous advantages over other token distribution platforms, like:

  • capital-efficiency — helps you distribute more tokens with less investment
  • fair distribution — the constant downward pressure on the price disincentivizes front-running and large buys from whales, giving people ample opportunity to participate at a fair price.
  • flexibility — can be catered to the specific use-case (e.g serve as an 80/20 or 50/50 liquidity pool after the initial sale so as to continue providing token liquidity)

LBPs are mutually beneficial to both the team distributing the tokens and the community that is accumulating them.

In order to help incentivize the continued growth of LBPs as a leading token distribution platform in DeFi, Balancer Labs is announcing an incentive program for referring projects that execute an LBP sale.

Referral Program

The rules are simple — refer a project that executes an initial token distribution via Balancer LBP and earn a referral bonus based on the trading volume generated by the pool!

  • $5M+ in volume — 20 BAL
  • $20M+ in sale volume — 60 BAL
  • $50M+ in sale volume — 100 BAL (worth over $5,000 USD at time of writing)

Volume figures are calculated as USD equivalent. Referral fees are paid by the Balancer Ecosystem Fund as part of grant batch #2, authorized by Balancer community vote.

How To Make A Referral

We’re looking for high-quality teams building exciting products and services that bring value to the DeFi ecosystem and society as a whole.

Before making a referral, please be diligent in ensuring that the project fits the description above. If it doesn’t, it likely won’t reach the minimum volume threshold to earn a referral bonus. And as always, we have zero tolerance for scams, pump & dumps, rug pulls, etc. Balancer is a permissionless protocol, so anyone is free to use it as they choose, but we won’t be rewarding any sketchy behavior.

Second, verify that the team you’re referring is on board with running an LBP, or planning to do an initial token distribution in the near future. In most cases, LBPs turn out to be the optimal approach for an IDO, so it is mostly a job of identifying a team at the right stage of their development and educating them on the benefits of an LBP.

To help you articulate the motivation to conduct an LBP sale, feel free to reference Stanislav Kozlowski’s recent blog post.

Once you have cleared all of the above requirements, e-mail us at with a team member of the project team cc’d on the message. They will need to explicitly confirm the referral, otherwise, we will ignore it and it won’t be counted.

Referral bonuses will be granted based on the sole discretion of Balancer Labs.

Referral template

Here is a template example for your referral email:

Subject: LBP Referral — [Token Project Name]


Cc: member@token.project

Message: Hey there! I am happy to introduce [insert name] to the Balancer Labs team — [project name] is looking at conducting an initial token distribution and is interested in Balancer’s liquidity bootstrapping pool feature.


If you’re a member of an early stage crypto community, this is a win-win opportunity to help ensure a successful IDO and to earn some BAL as a bonus.

LBP Resources

If you’re interested in learning more about LBPs and past experiences teams have had with them, here are some additional resources:

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