Balancer Protocol
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Balancer Protocol

Balancer Protocol Live on Arbitrum to Scale DeFi Liquidity

Balancer launches on highly anticipated Layer-2 solution Arbitrum

Head to to start trading using Arbitrum now

“Arbitrum is a leading L2 solution, its distinctive features in scalability, especially compatibility with Ethereum, lead this industry to recognize that it will optimize the user experience and enhance growth. L2s show the promise of reducing Ether fees and network congestion, and we are excited Arbitrum is available to the Balancer ecosystem.”

Easier Access to Liquidity

The implementation of Arbitrum makes Balancer Protocol uniquely scalable. Arbitrum uses optimistic rollups, which removes the need for zero-knowledge proofs by changing the consensus mechanism. The network assumes all transactions are correct. Rather than verifying each transaction, users only intervene if one is incorrect.



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