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Ball with Balancer at ETHDenver 2022

Meet members of Balancer Labs and the Balancer DAO when the teams show up in full force at ETHDenver 2022

We are thrilled to officially announce our participation in the hotly anticipated upcoming ETHDenver 2022 conference. Balancer Labs has signed on to be a Presenting Sponsor, which means you can plan to see plenty of talks, panels, and workshops from the BLabs team and contributors to the Balancer DAO. Most of the Balancer Labs team will be in attendance, committing up to $50,000 in prizes for #BUIDL Week, handing out swag at our booth, and throwing the biggest DeFi VDay party of the week. Read on for all the details.

What is Balancer Protocol?

Balancer is an open-source protocol, automated portfolio manager, liquidity provider, and decentralized exchange. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Balancer offers new solutions to the problems found on traditional and centralized exchanges. Developers leverage Balancer as a permissionless building block for DeFi innovation. Balancer’s mission is to become the primary source of DeFi liquidity by providing the most flexible and powerful platform for programmable liquidity.

Balancer’s technology facilitates the growth of a decentralized future. The V2 Vault architecture offers security, flexibility, capital efficiency, and gas efficiency, and its customizable AMM logic acts as a permissionless building block for projects creating innovative DeFi solutions.

Take a look at what the Balancer team accomplished in 2021 and the roadmap for 2022.

Who from Balancer will be at ETHDenver?

The Balancer team is coming in full force to ETHDenver 2022. Balancer’s representation includes:

The Balancer team would love to connect. Stop by our booth next to Stage 2 to meet the team and pick up Balancer swag.

What will Balancer Labs present at ETHDenver?

Balancer Labs’ Co-Founder and CEO Fernando Martinelli will give a keynote presentation introducing Balancer and announcing upcoming 2022 initiatives. Fernando will share the new BAL Tokenomics plan (which is going into governance votes soon) and present a new Revenue Model to incentivize new projects building on Balancer Protocol.

Balancer Labs’ Head of Growth Jeremy Musighi will share Balancer’s DAO2DAO structure and Protocol contributors’ focus on being a building block for the DeFi ecosystem. Jeremy will give a deeper look into the DAO2DAO structure and how it can lead to the future success of the Protocol.

Balancer Labs’ COO Kristen Stone will be giving a talk with a few surprise guests about Bridging The Metaverse to the Meatspace. This talk will be centered on the different ways Balancer Labs is navigating the ever changing landscape of regulation and DAOs.

Balancer will be leading a panel titled The Rise of Symbiotic DeFi Protocols with well-known partners. Balancer Labs’ Product Manager Kia Moseyeri will join moderator Dan Elitzer, Crypto VC & Co-Founder of @nascentxyz @IDEOVC @YamFinance; Brianna Montgomery, Business Lead of Fei Protocol, and Jai Bhavnani, Co-Founder of Rari Capital.

Will I have the chance to #BUIDL with the Balancer team?

Yes! As a Presenting sponsor, developers will be able to compete for up to $50,000 in bounties during ETHDenver. Follow @balancerlabs on Twitter to keep an eye out for information about the Balancer workshop and #BUIDL Week challenges and prizes. Balancer Labs devs and DAO members will be on site to judge and work with devs participating in #BUIDL Week.

Building on Balancer, what does that mean?

Balancer is an ecosystem, and success stems from the projects building on top of it. The Balancer Grant program provides support and funding to projects committed to supporting the Balancer Ecosystem in achieving its mission to become the number one source for decentralized exchange trades. To date, over 22 projects have built on top of Balancer Protocol.

Is there documentation to #BUIDL on Balancer?

A Complete Guide to Balancer Protocol can be found in the Balancer V2 Docs.

Balancer provides extensive documentation allowing easy integrations for teams and builders interested in the Protocol, including information around Balancer Pools, the Balancer Vault architecture, Governance, and Community initiatives.

​​These docs are intended for anyone interfacing with or building on top of Balancer. Whether you’re a trade aggregator, yield aggregator, trader, liquidity provider, founder, web dev, arbitrageur, AMM designer, mathematician, or curious individual, this is the place for you.

Can I meet the Balancer team outside of the conference?

Yes! Alongside top DeFi projects, Balancer will co-host an ETHDenver DeFi Valentines Day event during BUIDL Week. Event tickets will be released in tiers announced through our Twitter, be sure to check often; you don’t want to miss out.

Great- I can’t wait to meet your team! Where else can attendees chat with you or learn more about Balancer?

We have several ways you can learn about Balancer Protocol. Start by going to You can also follow us on Twitter, read about our ideas and integrations on Medium, and join the Balancer Community through our Discord.

If you haven’t already, APPLY to join us at ETHDenver 2022. We hope to see you there!



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