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Developers: Balancer V2 Smart Contracts Are Now Live

Balancer Protocol welcomes its next chapter: V2 smart contracts are public and open source.

The leading protocol for generalized AMMs is excited to roll out its biggest upgrade to date, offering the tooling necessary for anyone to leverage capital efficiency in new and creative ways.

Here’s what you need to know about today’s developer launch.


V2 Smart Contracts

As described in our Balancer V2 introductory post, Balancer’s new architecture is based on a single vault that holds and manages tokens. This gives Balancer V2 flexibility to support different types of AMM logic.

Today both the contracts for the Vault and the factory for Weighted Pools are live. The factory for Stable Pools will be launched in the near term.

Here are some of the most important deployed contracts:

Attentive readers will notice the absence of withdrawal fees. These were removed ahead of a soon-to-be-announced integration that aims to offer the best DEX experience on Ethereum.


Balancer V2 is about enabling teams to take advantage of the efficient vault architecture and innovating with new pool types.

To get involved, we’ve created detailed documentation around the V2 smart contracts, audits, bug bounty, SOR (Smart Order Routing), subgraph, and much more!

These documents will be updated over the course of the coming weeks and we invite developers to let us know what other information you’d like to see!

Audits and Bug Bounty

Balancer Labs is proud to offer the biggest bug bounty in the history of the industry: up to 1,000 ETH or $2,000,000 (whichever is higher) for critical bugs that allow attackers to drain the Balancer V2 Vault. For more details, check out our Bug Bounty documentation section.

User Interface Coming Soon

Currently, only the V2 smart contracts have been deployed.

The V2 user interface is planned for April 28th.

The week period between smart contract and UI launch will give our partners and other developers time to build and integrate before consumers start using V2 actively — including migrating liquidity from V1 to V2.

What’s Next

Over the coming week, we’ll be sharing more details about V2 launch partners and what they’ve been building. This launch allows developers to start building on Balancer V2 ahead of the full UI launch for consumers — expected for April 28th.

We believe this upgrade should be rolled out gradually in line with our different user types, and this particular release is geared toward developers who make the finer details of Balancer V2 so exciting.

Balancer V2 has a suite of partnerships, integrations, and upgrades in the queue and we hope this post gives the everyday Solidity developer a chance to take generalized AMMs a step further.

In case you missed it, Balancer Protocol governance execution has shifted to a community-run multisig, managed by the brightest minds in DeFi. This multisig is responsible for executing the outcomes decided throughout Snapshot votes and continues to empower the Balancer Protocol community to take on core roles of the protocol’s development.

Keep a close eye on the Balancer forum, as there are a number of crucial upgrades that will be taking place regarding V1 migration and BAL liquidity mining in the coming weeks.

Until then, we’d like to thank all of our ecosystem partners for making V1 an important piece of DeFi’s history. While it will live on forever, we look forward to the next chapter.

To get involved, join us on Discord and keep an eye on the #balancer-v2 channel!



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