Introducing the Balancer Grants DAO

Community-owned grants program for the Balancer ecosystem

Balancer Grants
Aug 19 · 2 min read
Want to apply for a Balancer Grants? Get started by filling in this form 👈

We’re excited to announce that the Balancer Grants DAO is now live and accepting grant applications following an overwhelming majority vote by BalancerDAO governance (99.38% vs. 0.62%) to get started.

Balancer Grants DAO will function as an independent community-owned grants program for the Balancer ecosystem. The first cycle will last 3 months and has a budget of 20,000 BAL (~$500K at today’s valuation) to distribute to Balancer Grantees.

The BAL Grant program provides grants ($1K — $75K) to projects committed to supporting Balancer Protocol in achieving its mission to become the number one platform for programmable liquidity in DeFi.

About Balancer Grants

At Balancer Grants, we want our applicants to feel heard and supported, not only financially. That is why we aim to make the application process as clear as possible and why we have a dedicated support group to help out.

Grant applications are reviewed by the Grants Committee, consisting of 5 Balancer Community Contributors, that looks at the reasonable viability of a grant plan, its alignment with Balancer’s vision, and the capability of the Grants team to execute the project. The evaluation process takes about 2 weeks. Applications below $5k are subject to a light review process by the Grant Lead and do not have to go through the full review process.

If the application is successful, you will be contacted; further steps will be discussed and you will be connected with a mentor for regular calls to keep up to date and provide support.

Apply now and start building!

If you are interested in supporting the development of the Balancer Ecosystem or want to build on top of the Balancer Protocol, this is your chance! Get started by filling in the Grants Application form.

For further questions about how the Grants DAO works, check out the grants page, follow us on Twitter, or send an email to

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