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Traversing the Balancer Vault with Smart Order Routing (SOR)

The flexibility of Balancer Protocol’s SOR ensures any custom Pool built on Balancer can benefit from all Balancer liquidity.

Custom Invariants

x^(1-t) + y^(1-t)

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Smart Order Routing

Multi-hop Gas Efficiency

Flash Swaps

A Flash Swap Resulting in 1.323 ETH Profit Etherscan
Transaction Logs of the Above Flashswap
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Complex Routing Over Multiple Pool Types

A trade routing through a Weighted Pool and then a Stable Pool.

High Output in Low Gas Environments

Precise Routing

The Bottom Line



Balancer’s mission is to accelerate innovation in DeFi by providing access to secure infrastructure for liquidity applications. Projects build on Balancer to create new, innovative types of pools and financial dApps.

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