Why the Balancer community received over $1M in grants

Highlights from the Balancer Ecosystem Fund’s first batch

Jeremy Musighi
Balancer Protocol
3 min readOct 22, 2020


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Since June 2020, the Balancer Ecosystem Fund has awarded 95,333 $BAL in grants to teams and individuals for creating meaningful value for the Balancer community.

And this was just the beginning!

The now-completed first batch of grants included 15 different recipients, including those who built key integrations with the Balancer protocol, provided much needed support to our growing global community, developed tools to improve the usability and visibility of the protocol, and built innovations on top of Balancer’s infrastructure.

As a financial primitive designed to serve as a permissionless building block for DeFi, Balancer thrives when community members leverage the protocol to create products and services that the world finds useful.

In this post, we highlight 4 of the projects that received grants in batch #1:


Aave’s ghost, a representation of the transparent nature of their lending protocol.

By integrating the Balancer protocol at the heart of their new tokenomics, Aave will allow staking of Balancer Pool Tokens (BPT) from the 80/20 AAVE/ETH pool, showcasing Joel Monegro’s idea of proof of liquidity. This pool is anticipated to hold values of $100M+.

Aave will also integrate various other BPTs and $BAL as money markets.


Analytics and visualizations of Balancer liquidity pools.

Pools.Vision is a tool, built by Balancer community member Davis Ramsey, which provides visualizations of Balancer liquidity pools and analytics of their performance, plus stats on the overall Balancer protocol. It serves as a valuable tool for members of the community; especially liquidity providers.


Beauty meets functionality on Zapper.

Zapper integrated their beautiful front-end interface with Balancer’s robust back-end infrastructure to provide a seamless user experience. From the Zapper UI, users can directly execute trades via the Balancer exchange and supply/withdraw liquidity to and from Balancer pools.


Managed index funds built on top of Balancer smart pools.

The PieDAO team are pioneers within the Balancer community, as the first ever to launch a Balancer smart pool. PieDAO utilizes Balancer smart pools as underlying infrastructure to operate their crypto index fund products, which enable passive investing in diversified tokenized assets.

Stay tuned for new upcoming opportunities to apply for grants and contribute to the Balancer ecosystem!