Alexander and Nicolas, Attio Founders

We are delighted to announce our recent investment in Attio, the powerful and endlessly customisable relationship management platform, that finally makes you love updating your CRM.

When Nicolas Sharp and Alexander Christie looked at the productivity tools space in early 2020, they saw two very different realities. On one side…

One of our hypotheses at Balderton is that there is inherent value in building bridges that allow people and firms to venture beyond their comfort zone towards transformational new technologies.

Finoa co-founders, Henrik Gebbing and Christopher May

While many consumers in emerging markets were still struggling to understand how cryptocurrencies worked and how to access them, Luno…

We are delighted today to announce Balderton’s strategic partnership with Premialab.

As always a huge reason for our partnership is the founders. Adrien and Pierre are incredibly deep in this sector, having worked at pioneers in systematic investing such as Societe Generale and Julius Baer. Both are super-smart and well-connected…

Event organisers have largely been stuck in web1.0. They have had to rely on third party ticketing platforms to distribute their tickets, ceding control of the relationship with their customers, relying on clunky back-end systems or often having to get customer support to process their requirements or make simple…


We back European founders with global ambitions

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