Alexander and Nicolas, Attio Founders

We are delighted to announce our recent investment in Attio, the powerful and endlessly customisable relationship management platform, that finally makes you love updating your CRM.

When Nicolas Sharp and Alexander Christie looked at the productivity tools space in early 2020, they saw two very different realities. On one side, the much-lauded ‘Product Led Growth’ leaders like Notion, Airtable, Slack, etc, had evangelized organizations bottom-up. Users loved the flexibility, real-time collaboration, quick commands, and the super slick UI. On the other side, in the world’s largest software category, CRM, buying decisions remained top-down; implementation was a ‘process’, and the lion’s share of the market was dominated by decade-old players.

So they decided to build a new type of CRM with a few fundamental product principles in mind. First and foremost, endless flexibility. This meant the ability to spin up, build upon, and archive workflows with ease. Shared and private workspaces allow your team to track a shared deal pipeline as easily as they can track RSVPs to a marketing workshop, or you can manage your personal to-do list. Second, a product with time-to-value in under two minutes. No arduous implementation period — simply connect your email and calendar, begin inviting team members, and start building. Lastly, a modern multiplayer-mode experience, with a proper block-based text editor for collaborative note-taking.

When we met Nicolas and Alexander this spring, we were impressed with their drive, their talent as engineers and company builders, and the clarity of their product vision. And then the product demo blew us away. As Nicolas showed us the company’s own Attio workspace, our minds immediately started racing, imagining all the ways that we could centralize all of our workflows at Balderton within Attio, something that had never been possible in our CRMs. We had to have it!

Seeing this level of excitement for the product from our own team and from Attio’s early customers, we knew we wanted to be part of Attio’s journey. We are excited to be investing alongside Point Nine, Headline and Passion Capital.

Attio has already achieved very strong early success, and we have been continuously more impressed with the breathtaking speed with which the team continues to deploy new features. In the months ahead, we will be working closely together with Nicolas and Alexander as they build out their initial US commercial operations, drawing on our own experience working with companies like Contentful, Aircall, and PlayPlay.

We are proud to welcome Attio to the Balderton family and look forward to the exciting times ahead, as Attio permanently raises the bar for what teams all over the world expect from their CRM.

VC @ Balderton Capital in London. Investing in Early Stage companies in the UK, Europe, and beyond.