Playlist, Ep. #01 — Inspired By Jodeci

On December 21, 1993, Jodeci released one of the most influential albums in modern R&B, “Diary of a Mad Band”. In contrast to the clean-cut acts of the early 90s, Jodeci’s grittier image and blunt lyricism was the climax of New Jack Swing’s aspirations. As such, hip hop embraced the group’s brand of expression — a sort of “street love” that did not compromise the culture’s machismo. Among rappers in their day, Jodeci was the “cool R&B group to listen to.” And that sentiment has guided a new wave of admirers among current R&B/hip hop acts who continue to sample Devante Swing’s production and interpolate the band’s lyrics.

This is a playlist inspired by Jodeci.