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How will you gift crypto to your Fathers this Father’s Day?

Make it easy for all dads around the world to learn about crypto.

Father’s Day is fast approaching, what will you gift your beloved father?

On this celebrated day every year, sons and daughters across the world have a chance to truly honor their fathers and important paternal figures in their lives. This is not to say that this is the only day of the year to do so, but it’s a special designated day of the year to take time out of our busy lives to show our fathers the same appreciation and love that was given upon all of us since birth.

Although the history of Father’s Day goes back centuries with different regions having their own local variation, the intent is similar in nature. Being a father places certain responsibilities and importance within a family that are irreplaceable. From being the protector, to helping rear his children, or even helping with the dishes, despite what responsibilities are expected, the accumulation of these responsibilities can have a lasting impact on children as they grow older and start to resonate more with their father’s actions.

“Father’ is the noblest title a man can be given. It is more than a biological role. It signifies a patriarch, a leader, an exemplar, a confidant, a teacher, a hero, a friend.” — Robert L. Backman

Although the roles of fathers are slowly changing in today’s society, the undertones of what it means to be a father is still there: to love, care, protect, and teach their children.

We would like to highlight a shining example of using the Ballet wallet in introducing both a father and mother to crypto. Our longtime and highly valued Ballet Ambassador Wes, has been a supporter of ours since Day 1. Not only has he been helping us at conferences, but he has also been a staunch advocate for self-custody.

Below he shares his experience gifting bitcoins via a Ballet wallet to his parents:

(Pictured on the left is Ballet Ambassador Wes. Pictured on the right are his parents with their gifted Ballet wallet from their son.)

Our parents are the ones who give us life and so much more. I have learned so much from my parents. Both have had long careers in non-profit organizations and my mother is a certified public accountant (CPA) so they have passed on many financial lessons as well including the importance of saving, investing and giving. So what could we possibly give back to those who gave us so much? How about the gifts of security and self-sovereignty? Yes, this is possible with a Ballet Crypto Wallet! It’s the easiest cold storage solution for Bitcoin and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies.

My parents were smart enough to see the possibilities and importance of non-government money to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies several years ago but, like most of us, they needed a little encouragement and help to make the leap from a crypto exchange to cold storage. With no setup and a simple intuitive app interface A Ballet wallet was just what they needed to truly own their crypto and ensure its security. By physically holding their private key they are able to enjoy the many benefits of blockchain technology including immutable and permissionless value transfer.

My mom recently gifted Bitcoin to her grandson as a birthday present. I congratulated her as being among a probably small but elite group of those over 60 years old who have made an on-chain transaction. She was so proud she posted my comment on Facebook where, as you can imagine, her friend group responded enthusiastically with equal amounts of encouragement and confusion! Sounds like they could all use a Ballet Wallet. Ballet makes crypto easy for all ages!

As many would say, Bitcoin represents hope and the ability to securely store your hard earned wealth in a long lasting manner. Wealth, which was earned through hard work instilled by your father. So on this upcoming Father’s Day, why not consider gifting your father or paternal figure in your life the gift of bitcoin, as a way to encapsulate the love and teachings that was handed down to you. As we pride our Ballet wallets to be the safest, easiest, and most giftable wallet in the world, gifting bitcoins via the Ballet wallet is the most natural choice.

As fathers usually represent the strength and masculine figure of a family, consider gifting your father a Gold Tiger Limited Edition wallet at the link below. Use a special coupon code FATHERSDAY15, to receive a special 15% off!


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