A new platform for social media influencers!

Are you working hard to create amazing, collaborative content but struggling to expand your audience? Are you looking for a new platform to engage with your audience?

Check out Balloon! Balloon is the next new social media frontier for influencers.

Balloon allows users to easily collaborate with other influencers and brands and organize content on a groundbreaking storytelling and social media platform. This app is different from other social media apps because everything is organized by conversations, not by user profiles. This set-up provides creates a clean newsfeed experience where the audience has control over what they want to see and you can create highly targeted content to reach your audience.

The power of the Balloon platform

Everything is organized by balloons. So what is a balloon?

Balloon is a visual dynamic folder where you can post as often as you want with friends. Balloons are replacing what hashtags were supposed to do.

Collaborate on balloon stories

No more tagging people. You can actually collaborate to create stories and experiences on balloon. When you collaborate on a balloon, all members’ followers will see the content in that balloon.

Highly targeted audience

Since everything is organized by balloons, people who are interested in the topic you post about can follow your balloons. You can target your content to your audience instead of trying to compete and figure out a platforms’ algorithm.

Private and public

We are one of the only social media platforms creating a middle ground between the public social space and the private messaging space. You can create public balloons for your audience and a private balloon for your friends and family — all on one platform. Or you can keep a balloon private while you curate your balloons with other influencers and brands and only make it public once you are ready to publish it to your audience! We give you the control.

Sign-up for Balloon

We are getting started on growing a community of passionate Balloon users and we want this community to help make our product more than just a social media platform. We want Balloon to be about our community and the stories you are creating collaboratively.App Store Link to Balloon Stories