Recruiting Balloon Ambassadors

Balloon is a collaborative social media platform where all content is organized around conversations. We make it easy for friends to collaborate on our groundbreaking storytelling platform. We are a brand new startup with a newly launched product.

We are just getting started on growing a community of passionate Balloon users and we want to further create a social media platform where the Balloon community feels like it’s more than just a social media platform. It’s about the people and the stories they are creating collaboratively.

The internship will focus on supporting the Balloon team to raise brand awareness amongst the Generation X and Millennial users and become a Balloon Ambassador. If you are in high school or college and you are interested in working for a start-up, please keep reading below!

Projects may include: 
● Reaching out to your network to raise awareness about Balloon
● Drafting Balloon blogs as it relates to community engagement 
● Giving feedback to the Balloon team 
● Time commitment — 1 to 2 hours a week

● Resourceful 
● Strong attention to detail 
● Desire to learn 
● Successful in fast-paced environment 
● Strong verbal and written communication skills 
● Active social media user 
● Active content creators (take photos and videos) 
● Involved in school clubs, activities and after-school activities

● Self-starter 
● Strong interest in technology product, specifically social media products 
● Enjoy communicating with people

Balloon Ambassadors will be able to: 
● Provide feedback on the app 
● Work directly with the Balloon team 
● Help with various grassroots marketing efforts and product testing sessions 
● Attend monthly sessions with industry experts in the NYC start-up scene 
● Wear Balloon swag around town

The Ambassadors will become our partners and be a vital force on the ground level.

Send your resume with a short cover letter to yuki [at] openballoon [dot] com

Subject line: Balloon Ambassador — [School name]. Please include a list of social media, group messaging and other mobile apps you frequently use.