Indian Demonetization — A take on Economics, Technology and the Crooked timber of humanity evolved over last 2 decades.

Devil is now in Intentions

Demonetization was supposed to make things better for them. It was written right there on the “selfie” or “intentions” of it. As they say

Intentions were great

But then a miracle happened and this guy, just got into the list of richest in India, and with of course many more across the border and part of the economics- peddling Chinese garbage into India. (that debate for later).

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Debate on demonetization raged for months and now even though pain remains, the real reasons never came out.

Economists remained myopic, only focusing on the whole moral gamble, elections wins, treachery, politics, recession, GDP going down etc. There was no debate in parliament even after both parties said “we want to debate”, and then after a certain “meeting” everything went cold.

To understand what happened here and discuss the economics at play which transpired into the exercise, we need to go back way into the history.

It all started somewhere in 1930 when Keynes proposed the theory of interventions but that story is too long, so will cut it from 1996 when a major mutation of the theory happened and Google was born.

Current demonetization exercise is nothing but one offshoot of the mutation of marketing techniques started with Industrialization but were still exercised by people with checks and balances and their names in line with the product, also constantly evolving laws around mixing conflicting businesses, government controls, debated in parliaments, kept in check by media, and real competition protected by competition laws.

Google on the other hand started a world backed by “not so kosher ways” where game of shadow under a massive tsunami of scum can be played by a few mega marketers to do anything, sell anything. They even mock at your face with

And the biggest rub is, the awe is so huge everyone is watching loosing a part of their brain every passing day. Small, squishy, soft brains looking for google or its mutations like fakebook and mega top of the funnel marketers turned politicians selling fakebook marketing for sound economics; and tell what button to press in voting booths.

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We will discuss the whole evolution, the moral and economical wormhole created which is eating the humanity away, one post, one tweet, one search, one live video at a time. That’s one project for 2017, you never know we might change the way world searches in 2018.