Are we witnessing the birth of a new era of global commerce?

The internet has been in wider use for a mere two decades. In that time progress has been exponential, both in terms of uptake, capability and application. Throughout that rapid but steady progress, are dotted innovations that didn’t just advance the game, but changed the way it was played forever.

Blockchain technology is, quite clearly, the newest revolution in information transfer. Much like the world wide web that makes it possible, application of this technology will be progressive, and right now it is very much in its infancy. What was dismissed as a tool for ponzi schemes, is increasingly being recognised for what it is: an entirely new platform for information and labour exchange, with the potential to decentralise existing systems and redefine the way we do business.

It was this very recognition that compelled the BaltiCrypto team to think beyond existing cryptocurrency and mining applications. Could they take their successful mining venture, and use it as the core around which to build a world of practical solutions to the problems of contributors, and the wider world? Could this system be self-supporting, using mining rewards to create real-world assets, as well as supporting an ecosystem of communication, education and labour exchange for token holders?

When they realised the answer was ‘yes’, the BaltiCrypto Ecoverse was born.

The Ecoverse is a successful arrangement of different ecologically sustainable elements that leverage off each other to create an extraordinarily positive impact on the world while also enhancing the quality of the lives of everyone who contributes to BaltiCrypto, and participates in the Ecoverse.

Like the cells in a beehive, the activity in one area of the Ecoverse supports all the other areas around it, creating a self-supporting system.

Diversification and evolution are the hallmarks of the Ecoverse, but in our universe the forces of evolution are the contributors. This is a space for personal and group development, for innovative thinking and incubation of revolutionary ideas, as well as a one-stop shop for tracking token values, mining performance & rewards and in general help to reduce the overall carbon footprint.

The 6 cells at the heart of the BaltiCrypto Ecoverse are:

• Green Crypto Mining

• Future-focused Education (BaltiCrypto University)

• SMART Hybrid Reward Token

• Renewable Energy Production & Research

• SMART Impact Foundation

• Crypto Exchange & Trading Platform

Each of these facets constitutes a vital component of the functioning whole, and contributes to providing a truly all-encompassing environment for token holders and contributors. The parts which require funding from mining rewards, are designed to operate in such a way as to increase reward levels through improved mining operations, nurturing of emerging talent and increased innovation.

Every component of the Ecoverse operates at industry-leading levels of performance, advancing the state of the technology, and maximising performance for token holders. Our proprietary SMART mining Artificial Intelligence is designed to constantly monitor the market, always seeking the most profitable coins to mine, and making constant adjustments in real-time to optimise mining rewards. The cooling technology used to maximise processor performance is state-of-the-art, as is the green energy tech that powers everything we do. By fostering talent and research through the BaltiCrypto University, further gains in mining and energy innovation will follow, which in turn will increase mining performance.

Our SMART hybrid reward token also represents a watershed moment for cryptocurrency coins and tokens. By taking the financial benefits of a security token, and adding the features of a utility token, BaltiCrypto has created a whole new way for contributors to participate in the cryptocurrency space. By allowing token holders to earn rewards for contributing to the Ecoverse through their efforts, not only will they see increased rewards, but all contributors benefit from the resulting improvements to the Ecoverse. Token holders receive access to all of these features, and more.

Ultimately, the Ecoverse is designed to open up access for everyday people to the power of Blockchain technology. Token holders will be able to contribute their efforts to improving the Ecoverse, through providing educational resources, coaching and other intellectual property, in return for real rewards. They can hire or bid on work of any sort required by any other member or group, with all payments and work delivered through the Blockchain. Token holders will be participants in a thriving, evolving crypto community that enables them to further themselves, in ways that go far beyond the obvious financial benefits of token ownership.

The ‘BaltiCrypto SMARTware’ app will make accessing all of this simple and intuitive, giving token holders unprecedented access to up-to-date information about the market, BaltiCrypto Token market performance, and their own token holdings. Just as graphic operating systems give the layperson access to all the functions of their computer, without needing the merest understanding of the code that makes it possible, the app and the Ecoverse that powers it will give everyday users the fully-realised power of Blockchain, in the palm of their hand.

The team at BaltiCrypto recognise that any technology is only as good as its best current application. They see the potential for blockchain to redefine global commerce, as well as improve quality of life both for contributors and the world at large. Their solution for realising this potential is the Balticrypto Ecoverse, the most ambitious and broad-spectrum application of blockchain technology, to date. The Ecoverse is your doorway to a new world of education, cooperation and responsible crypto mining.

To secure your place in the BaltiCrypto Ecoverse, head to, read the Whitepaper or Lighthpaper, and stake your claim in a better, more prosperous tomorrow.